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    Keepers of Xsyon - A Tribe, Tribal Community and Alliance

    WORK IN PROGRESS, going to take a long while, check back in one week!

    Hello adventures, my name is Audacius. I am a seasoned veteran in these harsh lands. I awoke from my coma years before most of the others and as a result I know well the challenges we face in surviving this world.

    To do so alone is not an easy task. Some of the survivors were even driven back into their coma after experiencing the difficulties of surviving alone. Some didn't even survive. Their were many of them, and they didn't get far. They tried to build homestead, make fires and craft clothes to survive the harsh winters, only to eventually become pray to the desolate world that is now Xsyon, the remnants of Lake Tahoe and its surrounding country.

    All over the world are remnants of survivors who fell by the way side. Many could not even manage to build homes before they perished.

    I have hardened myself from many years of wilderness survival. My home is cozy and warm, the fish plentiful, the defense from the elements is second to none.

    However, I fear that not even I will be able to survive forever without companionship. Many are awakening from their comas now, and I fear that if we do not band together to survive, corrupt and evil people may form in mass to control this very vulnerable world.

    Our tribe will do its best to make Xsyon a safe world. This is not a guarantee however. There are many powerful people in the land of Xsyon, who may choose a different path, one which chooses to make the world complete chaos.

    We will NOT PK innocent players, only murderers and criminals.

    (side note, I love PVP, but I don't believe in PVP griefing)


    The Keepers of Xsyon is a tribe, community, and alliance.

    a) There is a tribe itself called Keepers of Xsyon. This is the headquarters for the alliance.

    b) Then there is a community called for Keepers of Xsyon. This will be for all those who wish to settle upon their own lands inside of Zone 702 (the headquarters), but still be a part of the alliance. These community members will have their totems in the surrounding area around the Keepers of Xsyon tribe.

    c) Keepers of Xsyon is also an alliance. If trouble comes to any of our allied members, we will assist them if possible. To be part of the alliance, you do not have to live in Zone 702. However, since this is where the headquarters and community is at, this is likely the place you will find the most protection.

    This tribe is for both Free-to-play and Pay-to-play accounts.

    We are open to all.


    #1 - Supreme Commander - AUDACIUS
    Leader of the tribe. Highest in command. Controls the layout of the land on the main totem. The F2P totems and those P2P players who wish to simply join the alliance and settle nearby, but not join the tribe, will have complete freedom in what they want to build.

    #2 - Chancellor
    Assumes the role of Supreme Commander when AUDACIUS is asleep.

    -You are actively awake in Xsyon THREE HOURS a day at least FIVE DAYS a week.
    -You have proven yourself to the Supreme Commander in ways he sees fit

    -Recruit players into the tribe
    -Makes the leadership decisions based off what AUDACIUS likely would have done

    Combat Officers

    #1 - Commander General


    90 AGILITY
    90 SPIRIT
    90 CHARM
    90 DEXTERITY (instead of charm, use dexterity if you prefer ranged combat)

    Skill specialization
    Armed FOCUS (ideally 100)
    Axes or Picks FOCUS (ideally 100)
    Running FOCUS
    Jumping FOCUS

    #2 - Infantry Commander

    #3 - Ranged Commander
    #4 - Defense Commander

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