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    Tribe Council Event

    I'm not sure what happened the last time this event was to take place. I waited quite a bit for it to happen or that there would be a time announced, and then the day was over. On the next day there was no info as to what happened. MrDDT told me it was cancelled so I know that much at least.

    For today (yep, its in the calendar) - can you give me (us) a time for the event?

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    Likely not happen this week either as the guides have yet to post when it was to be nor the topics I gave them over a week ago.

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    The event took place today just a little bit ago. If someone is willing and able to hold this event then please contact myself or Uriel and we'll get it listed on the calendar and post a topic here, if you schedule it and can not attend I'll either do it myself or pass it off to a able body person that did in fact show up.

    As you will see on the calendar that the time is TBD as we rely on those wanting to run it to give us a time they want to hold the event. If this becomes a issue we'll switch to a set time for every council event.

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