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    Xsyon Community Wiki

    I've included links to the wiki in this topic so that new and old players alike can navigate to it. If you do any wiki edits please properly setup the breadcrumbs and if you have any images that need to be uploaded I have full permissions to do that. - This is the main wiki page. - This page contains some helpful tutorials for new players, we encourage some of the old players to add their own helpful tutorials as well. - This page can get you acquainted with the interface in game and other panels you'll encounter. - Here is a list of the stats in game and what crafts directly/indirectly effect them. - This page has all the skills from the game listed, this list may be incomplete but each page will have in-depth information on each skill you see. - These are player made maps that may help you with navigating the game world.

    These are some of the most common that players ask for in game, if I missed a few that you feel may be helpful, please let me know.

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    I uploaded a bunch of missing files and over the course of this coming up week I'll try to knock out the 300 or so that still need to be uploaded.

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    Is there still any intent to update the Wiki? I don't have enough in-game knowledge to contribute anything significant or I'd volunteer some help.

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    The wiki is maintained by the players, please feel free to contribute to it as you see fit. Perhaps even gather a group of veterans and see if they are willing to update it.

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    Challenge accepted!

    Counter challenge - Since you also play the game, would you be inclined to also share your knowledge on the Wiki?

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    Since we will be having a influx of players to the game after the steam release I want to use this area for discussion on wiki sections.

    Any information that is missing that we may add to and get up to date, missing icons, dead pages, and pages without breadcrumbs. We would like to keep it clean and full of information for those wanting to find something they need information on but this is also a player ran wiki when it comes to information that is posted on it. If you add a page please be accurate on your descriptions and explanations on the thing you are modifying or adding a page for. Also, breadcrumbs is something that we need to keep on each page we add so that it's in the proper section.

    Here is a example of a page with proper breadcrumbs:

    [[CDB|Main]] / [[:Category:Skills|Skills]] / [[:Leathercraft|Leathercraft]] / '''{{PAGENAME}}''' as you can see the page is linked off main under skills and under skills it's on leathercraft. What this does is gives people a way to navigate between pages. You can go to this page to see a example: you will see Main / Skills / Leathercraft / Edgewood Arm Pads If you click on leathercraft it will take you to the leathercraft page, the same goes for skills, and main will take you to the complete data base. Breadcrumbs keep everything organized and contained within the section they should be listed. A lot of people have a hard time understanding them but they are quite simple and most of the core things needed are already setup for you, all you need to do is list the proper breadcrumbs at the top of each page you create. You can always look at another page listed under the skill you are adding to in order to see how it is done or ask a question here.

    Please don't hesitate to ask questions. I'll do my best to make it happen for you whatever the problem or addition you need/want.

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    I was wondering how do you get access to the Wiki to be able to
    change / edit / add pages to it. ussally you can just create an
    account but on this wiki if you go to the create a new account page

    You get the error

    "Permission error

    You do not have permission to do that, for the following reason:

    You are not allowed to execute the action you have requested."

    It would be in the benefit of all the players to allow the players
    to be able to update the wiki with new information since the wiki currently
    is so outdated and pretty much out dated.

    you need an account to be able to log in and do any kind of edits
    though on the wiki.

    Please open up registration for the wiki and allow players to update
    the Wiki.

    I was going to add some information to the wiki but I can't

    The main Xsyon Wiki page is located at

    Thank you,

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    Registering account to edit wiki

    This is old thread , but need to reply. How could I register to Xsyon wiki? There is a lot of unfinished pages, missing infos about items and features. Would like to contribute in creation of infos . Lot's of new players trying to find out infos about in game stuffs but we have wery poor content on wiki.

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    I got privilegy to edit Xsyon wiki . Still need to get access to some of files to be able to post right icons and images of new items and features, like bows and arrows, new UI changed windows and such, but we will work it out. There is option for me to snap needed pictures right from ingame and it's painfull, but since there is online database with images and icons which is just outdated and new images needs to be uploaded to db that would be awesome.
    Biig thanks to Jordi for allowing me access to wiki editing. I'm not some webmaster, but will do my best to keep it right as much as i can.
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