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    Annoying Pit Bulls

    I decided to take a hike to see if I could locate a better place to settle than my current spot. I travelled from zone 1021 back down to 979 and was exploring when I noticed an ancient pit bull was nosing up behind me. He followed me for several minutes. I tried to run from him (on a road) and he kept up with me without breaking a sweat. After a while, I decided to ignore him and continue searching around. All of a sudden, I started hearing a thud sound and before I knew it he had killed me.

    It's bad enough I have to keep my eyes open (pun intended) for creatures that would apparently be aggressive. But to have a dog (mans best friend?) approach me in a friendly manner, follow me for a good distance, and then turn on me for no apparent reason (I never once tried to attack him), attack and kill me is a bit too much.

    Can something please be done about the pet AI or whatever is causing this friendly turned deadly-on-a-dime behavior? I appreciate not having to go get my gear, but now I have to do the entire hike all over again. It is extremely disruptive.


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    Next time this happens try feeding and tame him. If you fail he will run away. If you succeed you have a new best friend. Or just feed it something it wont like.

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    Sorry this happened but its part of the game. I too suffer from attacks by the pittys and rottys. First timein a zone I wanted to be in 2 ran up to me all friendly. And then I was a snack.

    According to the Wiki:

    Slightly more dangerous and aggressive animal than the previous two. Will often attack when hungry enough.

    Another more aggressive dog. Be weary around these critters.

    I have found that if you give them a good swat they tend to run away too. *whap* "Bad Doggo!!"

    Good Luck and Have Fun!


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    Just feed them, if they 'like' you, they wont snack you

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    Note to self: Don't forget to pack some kibble for the road. Sheesh....

    Ok, thanks all.

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