I use ShareX to take pictures, gifs and short mpegs https://getsharex.com

It can be configured to upload to any service and use any hotkey. works really well for xsyon when i need to make short gifs

here are my hotkey settings:

Then you can set it to do things after you capture the image:

at the very least you want save image to file, maybe even copy file path to clipboard.

then you can snap pictures of things, save them locally and then upload them to the wiki.

Also couple of things for the wiki:
Taming skill uses Charm as the primary stat and Spirit as the secondary

Bows uses Dex as the primary stat and Agility as the secondary stat

Ranged uses Dex as the primary stat and Perception as the secondary stat

Tool crafting, Basketry, Tailoring, Bone crafting and Leather crafting all have multiple versions of some recipes it is not possible to learn all of the recipes in any one of these skills on one character.

You can not learn all of the architecture blueprints on one character