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    Character build


    First of all, please excuse me for the wall of text, but I want to explain exactly what I need.

    I will play this game together with my sister (well, actually we try both this and WURM at the same time to decide and settle on one - I will probably play more on WURM while she will start here).

    We like to play any MMORPG we play just by ourselves so what I'm looking for are two builds that would allow us to depend as less as possible of other people.

    As far as I understood far now, one can have a maximum of 400 points in any of the two "crafting skills" category - gathering and crafting (fighting too, but that's not the focus of this post). In normal circumstances this would probably mean specializing on three skills (at 100), one at 50+ and just tiny values in the other ones.

    But since we want to be independent we would probably not afford this luxury, so we'll probably have to settle with something like this: one - two skills at 100 each and two - three more at 60 or so so we can cover together almost all skills at a decent level to let us craft everything we need (although probably not at top quality).

    So, can you please suggest two character builds which, combined, can cover everything needed in the game so we won't have to ever trade with someone else (yes, once again, I know we won't be able to have it all perfect, we don't aim to that, we're happy with everything at a decent level).

    What we are not interested:
    - PVP (yeah, being able to defend ourselves, would be cool, but we don't intend to get too involved in that)
    - stone houses (so masonry)

    Anyone helping with an answer will have our deepest gratefulness and, if we even happen to come by your town the biggest pint of beer.

    Thanks in advance,
    Bogdan and Alexandra

    P.S.: If it's not too much already, can you please also suggest a spec with a similar goal - being independent (but clearly with even worse possibilities) for a single player, just for the unlikely, yet not impossible case that each of us will get hooked in the game he tries (me in WURM and her in Xsyon).

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    hi, you can find the skills in the wiki page. you should max the stats ( 90 ) for the crafts you decided. you have to choose all skills with comparing stats. tbh it will be hard to manage it with just 2 toons, and some craft like bonecraft and hunting will require time.

    goals can be to build a nice homestead, raise skills and quality, become a combat char ( even without pvp ) and hunt animals.

    best was is to use global chat for further questions.

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