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    First impressions on character design

    I like to play tall characters, so the first thing I did was crank up the height to 220cm. When I started adjusting weight, it just doesn't look right. At 220cm, a 154 kilo man simply does not look that big, especially a strong one. Perhaps base weight should be modified based on height.

    I played with skin as well, and found that skin melanin below about 40 seems a bit off. Even very dark people don't look like a cardboard cutout of a starless night. Certain parts of the body are always lighter. Hands, etc. The fact that the loinpiece also changes color probably helps make this more annoying

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    Re: First impressions on character design

    The minimum weight does go up with height. For that matter, maximum weight is also determined by height. And you realize if you met someone who was 220cm tall, you would be looking way up.

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    Re: First impressions on character design

    At a little over 7ft 2, a 300 lb man with a medium bone structure is not fat

    As a perfect example:

    7'2" tall, 325 lbs. He looks nothing like Tubbo on the character creation screen, even when you set Tubbo to have high strength.

    *** Edit ***

    This only really matters if body mass has any effect ingame. If it's a meaningless number then it really doesn't matter. If player weight does matter for ingame reasons (say weight when running is actually considered for stamina loss, or giving high weight characters bonuses or fewer balance penalties for wielding heavier weapons...)

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    Re: First impressions on character design

    The weight / height ratios are based on standard BMI formulas. I'll have another look at this to make sure it's 100% correct.

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    Re: First impressions on character design

    I looked for height/weight indexed for men over 6'6" - people that tall are very few and far between so the data is sketchy. Most sites with calculators either give an error, or just give the weight data for 6'6" men for anyone that height or taller.

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    Re: First impressions on character design

    Did some more digging and thinking.

    A low strength high weight person at 220cm might very well look like what the Xsyon tall, weak, high weight man looks like, but as tall people get stronger and lose fat, they move weight around visibly a LOT - because they are so tall.

    I think a good "fix" for this would be to simply accelerate the fat loss on heavy tall men during generation so that a very tall very heavy strong man would carry little fat at all - unless of course maximum weight were raised...

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