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    Feedback Request 01/13/2013 - Trade Totems

    Trade at the main totem is set up on the Test Server.

    Please provide any feedback or bugs with the system here.

    Recent changes in testing:

    - separate totems for Trade and Quests that can be placed anywhere on tribe land
    - sorting of items in the trade panel
    - scrollbar on items in the trade panel
    - message on sale completion
    - 6 potential currency items. These won't be used in crafting schemes.
    - quality and durability removed from currency items
    - items for sale lost when a player deletes a character or leaves a tribe.

    The system is not yet finished. The following changes are still in progress:

    - confirmation dialog for sales transactions
    - warning to remove items from the totem if a player is leaving a tribe
    - allowing players to see items for sale at nearby or allied tribes

    The Test Server database was wiped to assist with testing other changes and to facilitate restarting the Test Server often. Guides will be able after the next maintenance to assist with procuring currency to help test trade functionality and can be reached on the main server through the help channel if they are available (/h at the chat prompt).


    The Test Server will be down for most of the day as I work on the items listed above.

    Regarding currency items: I plan to remove useful items (such as nails that can be found consisting of different materials) from the potential currency list. Currency only items will not have quality or durability in order to facilitate the stacking, storage and exchange of currency.


    I'm considering ways to make a more communal market place. One way would be to allow a tribe to place a trade totem on an allied tribe's land. Another is to allow tribes to place an additional trade totem on Founder's Isle. There are potential problems with both of these that I need to consider.

    Regarding selling sets of objects like a full set of armor: I've noted this but don't expect to have this for the first implementation of Trade Totems. It would require a lot of changes to the current systems.
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    "- quality and durability removed from currency items"

    Not sure what this means, but currently when you buy something it will take any quality, or dura, with no choices by the seller to pick them.
    Also it removes all type of stats from it. "Iron Screws" become "Screws", along with changing the quality to supreme every time.

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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    Anyway we can see what other trade totems have up for sale by looking at our own trade totem?

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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    Jordi, check your email please I sent you something. thanks (I used the contact us email)

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    A couple of things I think are very important that the trade totem needs to be used and improve the economy the way it should.

    We need to be able to see what other trade totems have up for sell for two reasons is slow and like i the quest sys a lot of people will not run around the map hoping to find a trade totem and by chance have the items there looking for if thats what we will have to do we might as well just keep asking in globle still.
    2.Because you seem to be taking nails out as a currency we would have to use something else as the new currency.What does that mean? It means we will have to work out EVERYTHING in the game with new prices for the new currency as the rates will not be the same as nails was.If we cant see what everyone else is selling on avg then prices will take forever for everyone to be on the same page and not have this guy selling item A for 10k and the other for 1k because they dont know the avg selling price.
    Having it show the location of the totem your looking at would also help.

    A way to sell FULL armor set and not just have to put them in one part at a time.If someones looking for a full set it will be a pain to get it because someone could come along and buy just a few parts.Then we would have to replace those parts all the time making it a pain to keep up with what part and replacing random ones ect.

    Last I would like to be able to put more then one type of currency that we accept.Right now most will take nails or screws I think it should be the same for the totems.

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    Money can be found by anyone, takes a while to accumulate, and is easy to use. Suppose I want to sell nails? If a nail or screw is considered currency what do I charge for them?

    Stick with cash IMO

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    Quote Originally Posted by cowbell View Post
    Money can be found by anyone, takes a while to accumulate, and is easy to use. Suppose I want to sell nails? If a nail or screw is considered currency what do I charge for them?

    Stick with cash IMO
    You charge the items you want. They are "cash" what do you do with cash in real life? You buy the items or services you want. What you just said is very easy to understand what to do with it.

    Money also can be found by anyone however, my problem is it gives scav (the people with the skill) a much better standing and makes it very powerful.

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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    As i suggested at the Tribe Leader Metting where the trade totems was brought up i still think that some sort of marketplace would suite the trade totems perfectly. Such a marketplace would centralize all trade totems and general trading. In that way you could compare price easily and people would not have to run across the map to discover what each tribe has for sale. Further more this totem should be remotely access by a "sister" totem at your tribe to restock. So that its easy to keep it up to date with items and prices.

    The ingame Money (dollars, quarters and pennies) would make a really bad currency since they never leave the game. The inflation rate would be horrible if everyone just kept them instead of tossing them when found. But as Unclean said we will need more currencies. But i recon it should be common used items, in order to ensure the day to day quantities of the given item in the game.
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    First a short comment to what Romkak said: Actually any currency would leave the game when people quit the game; yes it would probably be an inflation, but I doubt then more then in any other MMOs (yes there you have <repair cost> and a few other things, but also you get money from <quests>); pretty much I think things will be in a balance - a slow inflation, but nothing to kill the economy.

    About the question itself:
    1. I think there shouldn't be a standardized currency, but we should continue to go with the system we have in place now. On a tribe settings page one can choose the currency from a list of (I think) like 10 currencies, including nails, pennies, etc. I think the same thing should be here - you select one item you sell and the price you ask for it in any currency you desire from the listed ones. So I may charge nails, while someone else may charge dollar bills.
    2. I think there should be a way to see all offers in game without travelling, but I'm totally against of being able to buy an item from your totem like from an Auction House. So have the possibility to see all offers, eventually "reserve" an item (pay), but if you want the item you have to actually do the effort and travel to that tribe's totem to get it. Otherwise, there is really a huge risk that a vast majority of players will never leave there zone any more and we'll have a lot of abandoned zones.
    3. I think there should be a restriction about number of transactions you can make per day, because otherwise, with such a small community as ours, it would be really easy for just two or three players (with enough saved money and enough time to waste) to totally control and regulate the market, giving no option for other players to get a deal from it.
    4. I think you should also have the option to automatically restock - for example I have 10 blue prints of one kind and decide to sell them for 500 nails each, I should be able to specify this and then I'll can have 10 customers without any intervention from my part.
    5. I totally agree with the previous mentioned thing that one should be able to sell full armor sets.

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    Aren't buttons required in a couple of tailoring items?

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