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    Tribal Council "Trade Totems - Test Server Run"

    1pm PST,1-23-2013

    Lead Guide: GuideHael

    Tribe council will take place on the test server, we will be testing trade totems and once everyone has had a chance to do a few trades between each others trade totems we will discuss how they work, what can be changed, and what can be added.

    I'll have all the necessary materials so that we can thoroughly test the trade totems to provide as much feedback as we can to the developers. We will set up tribes in one area close together and place trade totems on these tribes and we will travel to each one "after each person has taken the given materials and place them on their trade totem at a reasonable price" and do a few trades back and forth. When we do this you will want to list several items that way we can quickly and efficiently run through this and test everything appropriately.

    Anyone is welcome to participate, free accounts will of course not be able to attend since they cannot place a totem. I'll call on each person that attended and you will discuss the trade totems, everyone else can listen but not interrupt and will wait their turn. All feedback that you provide will be given to the developers, so in a way you are shaping the game.

    I hope that everyone will attend that can and are able to, please take a few minutes out of your game-play to join us on the test server.

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