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    Post The southern Lake Tahoe coalition

    [CENTER][B][COLOR="#800000"][SIZE=5][FONT=Tahoma]The southern Lake Tahoe coalition

    [I]We free people, born into a harsh new era of trials and tribulations, hereby announce our intention to form an allegiance among ourselves to achieve greater prosperity and guarantee a stable future for our descendants. WE reject the previous rule of the few that plagued the old world, and hereby serve no king other than our own beliefs. We recognize the need for representation and cooperation among ourselves, while still respecting the rights of the individual, and of groups. As such, all those who sign this document are entitled to representation within the coalition, but are also bound to adhere to it's principals and rules.[/I]

    Aforementioned principals and rules are quite simple, and a perpetual work in development as this document awaits signatures (Be it posts, stated word in ventrilo, or stated in game with a second witness.)

    The territory of the southern lake Tahoe coalition is comprised of the natural terrain belonging to the numerous tribes around the southern end of the lake proper, usually dotting the zones of 778, 779, and whoever else might be interested in joining. As is to be expected, we tribes cannot claim any true ownership of the land outside that of which rests in tribal hands, but said tribes may feel the need to exert some control over their individual spheres of influence.

    [B][SIZE=4]Basic expectations: [/SIZE][/B]
    1.)[/SIZE] [I]Standardized local currency: [/I] [B]TBA[/B]
    As the usage of nails may be removed, at the first council meeting we will discuss currency.
    [SIZE=1]Quality, and/or type do not matter as of this moment, only number. When standard bartering does not need to apply, nails are an appropriate currency for in-trading between coalition members.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]2.)[/SIZE] [I] Guarantee of representation[/I]
    No one group should have precedence over another, regardless of size when an issue may arise.

    [SIZE=2]3.)[/SIZE] [I]Right toward tribal council / location / date of council [/I]
    Attendance toward a council is entirely voluntary, approaching a member with an issue to bring up on your behalf is entirely acceptable. The location is assigned at random to one of the coalition members able to host the event, and as of yet the time is undecided, however monthly will be the maximum.

    [SIZE=2]4.)[/SIZE] [I]Zero tolerance toward hostility/murder on coalition grounds [/I]
    Being a largely peaceful organization, we expect good behavior when outside tribal territory. We employ a wanted system when it comes toward unprovoked assaults within our lands, or any sort of violence. Tribal response towards this falls toward the individual tribe.

    Lakeside Twine[/CENTER]

    Awaiting further statements from local tribal leaders, I hope to hear from all of you that like what I have so far, and of course, this is a perpetual work in progress. :>
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    -Updated currency tab, awaiting secondary signatures from varying tribes-
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