Well i havent really got to do alot in game because of some monitor/game issues but thanks to probably the best dam support/customer service from the people at xsyon they figured it out and my issue should be fixed soon. Having said that from what ive got to do so far i would suggest... (sorry if its been said already)

1- more options for character creation
hats? gloves?
clothing mainly even if its the ability to change the color
of the few pieces there are would help mix it up some.
maybe more facial options? idk scars etc. if its after the
world ended it would be cool to have a mutated or a
genetically deformed looking guy, i know im wierd lol.

2- general movement is smooth, didnt have any lag issues.
terra forming is prob the only thing i have got to do in game
but heres what i think might be neat options if anything

- terraforming the direction you are facing. it might be cool
if when you have the terraforming craft window up maybe a
slightly noticable icon shows on the ground of exactly how
much area and where in front of you, you are changing.
(even if its something like a grid type image? idk)

and as you progress to master you get more options to
shape larger plots or maybe be able to raise/lower/level
/clear land sections more than once in one spot without
having to hit the button each time.

(what i mean is if i want to lower a spot 5 times i have to click it 5 times, well what if/when u get better at the skills you can get abilities to do that same action more than once without clicking it over and over. like if i click lower land and im somewhat experienced i get the option to lower that section of land more than once...maybe 2, 3, 4 , 5, etc. idk a thought

3- tooltips would be the shiznit. because right now as i looked at the UI i was pretty confused not knowing what was what.
i like the setup/looks and chat setup its nice/clean but something to tell me whats what when i hover over it would be all id need.

maybe someday even kick in a quick/easy tutorial that goes over basic survival/combat, crafting, etc... sandbox games are a blast when u know a little bit about what you need to do to not die lol...and figuring out the rest of the details is the fun part.

Bunch of ramblings im sure, but either way.

Thanks for the help/support and cant wait to try some other things out in the game