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    nice to be back from my little nap :-)

    2,000 the things that change
    So I want to tell everyone about this awesome game I found. I have spent quite the while searching for a game that is not easy but not so complicated it takes an extremely long time to learn. I tried 2 or 3 games, but none compare to the game I found! It's the purest form of awesomeness! It isn't just the great mechanics and appealing endless abilities but the people! The community of this game is not your normal one. As soon as I entered the game for my first time I was greated by a polite, and unbelievably nice person. He explained some things to me including basics and answered all my questions and then some. So any guesses on what game it is? THIS ONE SILLY GOOSE!!!
    I spent a few hours in game running around, discovering death, and learning to stay far from coyotes I found THE perfect spot for a little base and tried to start a tribe all to find out I can't do it all alone
    That's not going to stop me! I'm going to look for a tribe and join and have fun and play more XSYON

    BTW you can just call me Hooters, that's my IGN
    My forum name is getting changed to hooters too, so now any jokes I made are gonna make no sense
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    Jesus Christ! OMG... is it really you? Tell me, how is my grandmother doing?

    Welcome and cya soon in game

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    lol thanks for the warm welcome

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    Um wasnt you supposed to return BEFORE world got destroyed ?

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    Welcome back Hooters.
    I luv the thead. You have hit the nail on the head. I'm going to look for a tribe and join and have fun and play more Xsyon Too.

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    Tribal HINT and welcome to Xsyon!

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    I made a new account to prevent any arguments. My old one was descriminating and hooters was sexually explicit. The new one, I feel, fits me well and is appropriate so maybe I wont have to change it or anything thanks for the welcome. my ign is same as on forum. I joined a clan called rustington, and its really just awesome

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    That name is already taken,
    You mean, anti-christ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by joexxxz View Post
    That name is already taken,
    You mean, anti-christ?
    Oh My! O.O
    The truth will set you free....but first it will realy piss you off !!

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