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    New, few questions

    I remember this game back in alpha and thought it was pretty rough obviously. I just thought about it recently and figured I'd check it out to see how it's progressed.

    Is the game still going? There doesn't seem to be much activity on the forum. Is the world populated?

    Last time I played I remember the combat was pretty "rough" sort of like a smack fight between people. Has combat changed/progressed much?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I cant tell you how much progression there has been since alpha but the community is pretty lively. There a lots of new players, most of them with a free to play account.
    Thanks to the guides there are almost daily events: pvp, fishing, triathlon etc...

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    Hello Boomax,

    The game has changed a lot since alpha, you can try it as a f2p option with some limitations like not being able to plant a totem or having skills limited at 30, but you can get a feeling for the game either way. The population varies depending on the time of the day but there is a lot more players joining the game now.

    See you in-game!
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