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    I think Xsyon needs to find a balance hard work and pick up and play

    As you know the most popular games in the world are pick up and play games like

    Call of Duty skip screens go multiplayer join room start shooting Then theres good and bad players but its fun.
    League of legends is like the most popular game in the world right now has a nice feel good artwork but its quick to jump into compared to say HON, DOTA2 which are not much harder but its just that much simpler and fun to get hooked.
    The old simcitys i tried playing many times and i just could not get into it and got bored until about 7 months ago when i made myself learn its not difficult its just not fun to have to learn everything in a game instantly. Now the new sim city looks like a polished pick up and play get hooked then learn the best ways to play later and you can tell its going to sell so well.

    My point isnt that lets use the words people love to say (Dumb the game down for idiots) ITs that its a game its supposed to be fun and if you dont join the game and get hooked in the first 30 minutes your going to get bored and quit eventually. which is why niche games vs popular games are so different like lets say EVE that has a BIG - small community because it has been made so well which is what this game could do in like 5 years if you keep developing or You could add things that make people want to play when they first join and i know its an open sandbox game and your supposed to do what you want to but thats just not good enough for a large audience. I still think you should add 1 starting town where you can do things straight in the middle of the map kind of like a small trading outpost but one Xsyon creates.

    Anyways im coming back to this game in a few days because i feel like playing it im in the mood But i hope you understand some of my opinions.

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    This is hard, Though I think alot of games should be pick up and play like FPS or Strategy, The Digression in MMO's over the last 5 years has been horrendous. EQ2 was wrecked by this Pick up play theory...


    People played World Of Warcraft because it was over simplified and didnt require a whole lot of thought mash 30 people together go have a raid...
    Another Crowd Played Everquest and Everquest 2, because It required you to think and customize, and know every facet of your class...
    In the last 5 years nearly Every MMO has digressed to the point where a 12 year old can pick up and play it.. Guild wars 2 being the latest..


    I for one think its refreshing to have an MMO that requires a thought process, not just pick up and hack and slash, log off...
    Its like every MMO these days, has this "no kid left behind" shit going on.

    Here is where ill agree,

    Xyson doesnt have anything that sucks you in when you first log in, I think there needs to be A NPC town like you said, something that trains and aims players in the right direction... I think that Trade Skills should be selected in game after theres an NPC that gives a tutorial and explain it to you...

    I would go one step further and say, the game need Humanoid mobs, roving bandits, caravans, bandit towns and skill level appropriate mobs..

    The game needs tutorials, POLISHED UI, A more lively world ( gained thought interaction with NPC's ), Economy, and most of all a REASON TO DO IT ALL...

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    I say keep the game as is...

    You can never ever ever relate this type of games to COD or EQ2 or whatever the hell ur talkin about

    If you want those type of games go play them...

    Don't whine and complain about a game just because the learning curve isn't in ur favor....

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    The issue is we have to many pick up and play, those games are easy to make, and boring real fast, that is the issue for older games and i'm sure some younger, we get tired of being taken by the hand and told how to play, this is why we have what I call our games like Xsyon, MO, AC1 (old game) and games like UO and such, gaming has been the same for some time now, people get upset when they see WOW clones, which are pick up and play, linear etc, well frankly I hate games like League of legend and its not even an MMo, I can't stand CALL of Duty... I'm bored after a few minutes. I don't even bother buying those games anymore.

    Some of us like to think a bit when we play, we also like to play a game the WAY we want to.. Not the way the Devs want us to, so giving us the tools to do it, in my eyes for an MMo is better, now there are thousands of those type of pick up and play games, we need less of them, we have enough .. I been gaming for over 30 years and frankly I see games getting easier and more boring, I went to school to get my degree wanting to make better games because I can't stand what I have seen in the last 10 years.

    Yes this is true larger audience likes those games, but as a Developer I rather make a game I like and passionate about than a money maker, yes money helps, and today it is a little easier for an Indie company to survive because most don't have that crazy over head or have to pay people a ton.

    But this is my 2 cents on this subject.

    Darkcrystal Community leader of Divided Allegiance

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