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    Unhappy INFORM us Please ! and Stop it !

    PLEASE stop shuting server with NO notice, especially when rollin it back, some of us pull grass for 30+mins you roll it back an we have to do it all over, worse still we are told NOTHING.
    I shouldnt have to say this so im not going to be polite about it, INFORM YOUR DAM CUSTOMERS, of whats happening an when, keep site up to date and let us know whats going on as things happen be professional for once for god sake.
    (this is a saved up rant from last few server shutdowns, not todays)

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    If you would be so kind to click the maintenance tab on the launcher it will show you the scheduled down times. The server did not crash but was taken down for a scheduled maintenance.

    These times are clearly listed but I'll add them to this topic:
    Monday, 9:00am GMT/UTC (1:00am PST)
    Wednesday Tentative Patch Day TBA
    Friday, 9:00am GMT/UTC (1:00am PST)

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