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    Arrow Elric: New Player looking for active Tribe

    I recently started playing Xsyon, and I'm thinking about subscribing if my interest in the game holds up. I originally had wanted to do my own thing and create a solo tribe area, but I've been quickly finding out that it is extremely difficult to do so. I only have a few tools, and I am missing the necessary skills and tools in order to even start the construction process (if I were to start my own tribe). The normal guild that I game with did at one time have an active presence in Xsyon, and I did find their tribal lands. Unfortunately the area there is overrun with revenants that kill me in only a couple of hits.

    Thus I've decided to try and find an active tribe in Xsyon that would be willing to help out a new player. I'm hoping to find a group that plays during the evening (US Times), preferably in the ballpark of 10pm - 1am CST. I occasionally play during the day when I get a break from work, but I usually only get a few minutes here and there to do that. The bulk of my playing time is usually at night after my family goes to sleep.

    Being a family man in my late 20's, I'd also prefer a more mature tribe if possible.

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    Welcome to Xsyon Elric I sent you a private message.

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    Oasis Tribe might be a great fit for you, we are a small but active adult tribe on south end of lake, and are very helpful, not all that long ago we were new and were grateful to help given to us. give me a holler if interested.

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    Thank you guys for the quick reply! I'll send a message to each of you to work out the details.

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