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    skill cap and grass

    I have 2 questions...

    1. How does the skill cap act on a trial player? you get it to 30 and can keep levelling it but you don't get anything better than 30 unless you pay? Maybe you get 30 and it jsut keeps track of how much more levels and adds them when you buy the game? I'm not sure but I don't think all the exp you earn is just nullified.

    2. What's up with regrowing grass? does grass that got depleted ever grow back? is it only those that have at least 1/4 grass left? This might be affected by the farming update that is coming up, so I'll have to keep an eye out for that.

    thanks for reading and if you do, answering

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    Don't know about 1) - it is labeled "trail" so I do not expect too much sophisication - so probably the exp just vanishes ...

    about 2) - grass does not grow back (ever) - it was implemented - but poorly - meaning it takes the server too much time to calculate where the grass has to grow back - and so it was deactivated.

    We have asked about grass and grow back - and there are some plans about it - but no time line on those plans.

    Best approach: harvest grass some place else - and leave the grass in your own area, if possible
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    The exp you get after you are 30 in a skill is lost, doesnt come back when you buy the account either.

    Grass never regrows. They have plans on making it regrow with farming. They also had a server setting that allows some of those types of things to regrow, however, as Tomduril said, it caused major issues with the server so they turned it off. I believe they are going to just work it into the farming, and not have it automatic server regrowth.

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    Thanks for the replies! I hope they do something with regrowing grass in the farming update. As for the exp loss: If I get like 3 or more skills maxed I'll probably buy it So far Xsyon is awesome and I don't think I'll leave it any time soon.

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    OP question moved to the official thread for questions of the week for the devs.

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