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    Well i got the email and downloaded the game, first thing i did was try to change the key binding for turning left and right. This made me unable to turn left and right even after changing them back and relogging a couple times. Then i went to relog to try again and now i can't access my account. After typing my password and trying to log in it clears my password and does nothing.

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    ok...i got back in now but still unable to turn left or right

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    Yes, these are not set up right now and might be removed. The mouse should control your rotation. The keys for turning were set up for an earlier stage of the game.

    We might add this back in, but if players find them useful.

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    Please do not remove keybinding ability.

    It is rather important for me to be able to change some keybinds (haven't had a chance to really see if anything defaulted in Xsyon is bad yet.)

    Using a mouse heavily can be an issue.

    This is my right hand.

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    Please do not remove keybinding ability.
    I definitely won't!. I just meant that the current turn left and turn right were not currently in the game, just in the keybind menu in case I implement these.

    I didn't think they were useful right now as the mouse controls your rotation, but if players think these are benificial I can make them functional quite easily.

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