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    quick question on paying

    Players with Citizen Game Account access without a paid Monthly subscription:

    •Skills are effectively limited to 30
    •Players cannot use gained experience to level up
    Does this mean if I pay the initial $30 and then can't pay any more my skills will be cut down to 30 and I wont be able to get it up?

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    After your premium play time runs out then you are effectively capped at 30 until you add more premium play time.

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    Say I have 50 basketry and my premium time runs out. Does my basketry skill go down to 30 and I am unable to gain any more exp in it until I pay the monthly subscription fee? The only other thing I see happening is I have 50 basketry still but I can't make anything that requires higher than 30 and the quality is as if I had 30 basketry. Thanks for the reply, just still a little confused

    I got the answer (guidehael told me ingame )
    you do not lose progress in your skills when you buy premium, get it up, then stop your subscription. Your skill will go down to 30 but back up when you re-subscribe

    thanks guidehael
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