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    Please remove the double login.

    Currently you have to log in to the patcher, then log into the game. Neither password can be saved. Either allow saves, pass the password from the patcher to the game, or don't require a login for the patcher.

    You probably lose a good number of people when the first thing they see is that they have to log in twice. It's a bit of un-polish that shouldn't be the very first thing a person sees.

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    I have to say i agree with this, think its presents a little bit of a bad first impression

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    To be perfectly honest if someone will not play a game because they have to log in twice then they wouldn't play it anyway. It's a mild annoyance at best, dev time is better spent elsewhere imho. I've seen too many people hop into this game get super excited and then quit in 2 weeks or less. If they want a perfectly polished game they should stay away from sandbox games anyway. Consider it a reduction in everyone's wasted time if you will.

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    I think, rather than being a total impediment(though it will be for some people, and before they pay money too!), it is an annoyance that needs to be done away with.

    It would be very easy to simply remove the login process from the patcher.. It's not like people are going to patch a game they aren't playing.

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    Presentation is not the most critical thing to get right in the beginning, but it is important none the less. Every little helps, and this weird double login makes the startup feel very awkward. Important for gameplay? Not in the least. Important for presentation, frustration and first impression? Very much so.

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    Always wondered WTF

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