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    Losing connection to server.

    Today has been abnormally bad with losing connection to the server. It seems that when this happens my character stays in the game for random amount of minutes. While its stuck inside I cannot log in. I get the message "already in game" or "logged in" or something.

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    Re:Losing connection to server.

    I cant login into server, being kicked out to the login screen. Only once i was able lo get to loading entities message.

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    Re:Losing connection to server.

    Hello everyone!

    This will continue to happen today. I'm pretty sure I can see why, and it's being caused by players with bad items in their inventories.

    If you have a bad item / blank item in your inventory please message me at

    We have a fix for this that will be in the upcoming patch.

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    Re:Losing connection to server.

    I don't know what i have in my inv, just started

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    Re:Losing connection to server.

    Still happening over and over again. Other people seem to be ok ingame but I get kicked every few seconds.

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    Re:Losing connection to server.

    If you get ingame, scroll the mouse over each of your inventory spots, if there is nothing in the inventory slot, it should not change when you mouse over it. If the slot changes to a pinkish color, then you have something bugged in there. I believe this is what is being referred to.

    I think this demonstrates what to look for:

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