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    How remove handcarts on reclaimed land?

    I just placed a homestead where someone left 2 handcarts, all I can do is open them, they are in the way of me building, how do I get rid of them?

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    Call a superguide

    I think if the Player no longer exists Cart should be claimable... Or hasnt logged in in 9 months...

    In addition, you shouldnt be able to randomly drop a totem on carts just so you can open them...
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    there should be a way to move them...shouldnt have to rely on a guide to assist....just a poor mechanic.
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    Guides can assist you with carts that you do not own but are sitting on tribe-land. If these carts are owned by former tribe members we can move them out of the way but if they are inactive player carts we will take them to founders in case that person comes back in the game.

    If the cart has no owner we will secure those carts and take them to founders for future event prizes.

    If you have a cart in the way that needs to be moved or something done with it, please use /h and we'll deal with it for you.


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