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Thread: Totem Upkeep

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    Totem Upkeep

    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon
    Trade totems are ready to go, but are waiting for public release while I implement totem upkeep that will serve as a sink for local currency
    Care to explain this a bit more on how it works and whats going on here? So far sounds like totem upkeep will be a great idea, but do you mind going into how you have it planned for working, the costs etc?

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    and what happens to totems on subscribed accounts that arent.....upkept?
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    Speculation says the currently worthless money ( dollars, Quarters, Pennies ) in the game is the Currency planned for the sink on Trade Totem...

    Tons of people are now buying and selling with the dollar bill, in anticipation of this..

    IMO, I dont think this will solve the economy problems, it doesnt lend value to arms and armor, it just creates a sink to sell them, This still will not make them anymore valuable..

    This is a step in the right direction, implementing a value into valueless economy is great, Im just not sure many but the big tribes are going to worry about this... Unfortunately the only way to create a inflated economy with values, is NPC's that buy at a base cost ratio or break even. With the Currency in the game...

    Right now people are trying to figure out how many dollars per nails are found while scavenging to create this base value, but that number is so arbitrary, its going to be different for everyone based on skills... I know how many apoxx I find per hour but I also have sky high charm when I scavenge....

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    Starting with a sink for a currency is a requirement to have it in game working.

    I see no issues with having a totem upkeep using currency (which is currently not being used, or of a value).

    Does it change the value of armor and weapons etc? Yes, it changes it relative value to currency, but not its value to game items (Nails to armor ratio).

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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    I know this is a little off-topic, but I love responding to MrDDT's replies especially when they lack reason

    I'd like to hear your imaginative explanation on how it effect material goods value, how many people are paying for arms and armor now? If they do its something arbitrary like 200 nails ( or whatever ) for a full suit, there is no base cost involved to determine value of anything...

    The Economy doesn't just need a sink, it needs base values to materials and finished products, otherwise it is what it is, why pay for a Trade totem, just spam global. I doubt Tribe Totems will decay less than 25 meters, that would just cause people to to stop playing, I dont care who you are no one wants to be a slave to maintenance..

    DDT dont take what im saying the wrong way, things like this need to happen but where does the value come in, a sink is a sink nothing has value right now, atleast not before the speculation of dollars having value..

    They should incorporate my " Buy a Size Tribe" idea in the suggestions forum, Add this to a the the mix of newly created values, and maintenance, Why stop a drain at a Trade totem, make every piece of land have a value like real life...
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    How does it not add value to currency?

    Right now (before the post about currency being used for upkeep) no one would use it to buy armor or tools or whatever. Because currency had no value.
    Now with the currency being used to pay upkeep it gives it a value. People will want currency now, which means they others will trade gear/tools/etc for currency so they dont have to get currency.

    Paying for tribe land to drop a totem is an old idea that I've said and agreed with many times. I'm not sure what part is "your" idea about it, but if it just entails making a cost on totem dropping, then yeah good idea.

    Economy is clearly more than a sink. Totem upkeep is more than just a sink, its a special type of sink for a currency item. Its also a sink that every tribe in game will be required to pay. How much of a sink will effect the worth of currency from, almost nothing to unlimited.

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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    My Idea was a little different than past ideas, giving more customization to tribe expansion not just a radius.. Thanks though..


    Lets says they determine 100 dollars per 24 hour period Real life time ( not game time )is the drain, for the sake of easy numbers lets say every month is worth 3000 dollars. Im betting its somewhere close to this.. How does this effect goods..

    You cant assume because dollars have value suddenly people will start selling goods, there still a problem with the need factor, how many time have you bought new armor or had a need for new armor.. Maybe when every stat actually works and does something the need will be there, because the Diversity will be to great for a single person in your tribe to maintain...

    I see your point that now a dollar has value for Trade totems, I just dont think it will effect goods as much, unless maybe its a cart... which seem to always be in demand...

    Ill try your theory tonight and see how much Value the dollar carries...

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    My point wasnt how much value it had, it was that it NOW has value. Which before it didnt. Before you couldnt trade a dollar for 1 nail, as dollars were trash.
    With upkeep using dollars at any rate, at least you can get 1 nail.

    How much they are in value will depend on how many dollars it requires for upkeep. If its 1000 dollars a week per meter radius, expect dollars to be in high demand.

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    Always fun having a debate with you, good times...

    Maybe the dev's are watching and we gave them some ideas...

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    Seems to be a step in the right direction. Will this sink be implemented at your main tribe totem or just your trade totem? If it is just the trade totem, then I don't see it having any impact on the economy. If it is the main totem, now we are getting somewhere, but everyone needs to know that just having an active sub isn't enough to protect your stuff anymore. It would also help if all armor would decay like the heyburn does to create demand for armor. Then all of a sudden we have scavengers working to meet the demand for money supply, hunters out hunting to supply the bone and leather crafters and all the interaction and conflict that would result from this activity. Sure it may seem harsh to some. But, honestly, I don't hardly log in anymore out of boredom. If there was a reason to do things, and for me some semblance of an economy would suffice, then I may be active again.

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