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    Some dear tribe members have build a road and made considerations about it that go beyond simple terraforming. I'm not going into detail, but the conclusion is that "roadsigns" would turn up pretty useful, especially during winter and/or at night.

    They should be very low maintanance or non-decaying. They also should point in a direction and have bear a configurable textual message. A lantern should light them during the night.

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    Re: Roadsigns

    Yeah that'd actually be great.

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    Re: Roadsigns

    Personally I don't think they should be instantly available, but should be content that is required in the game.

    Depending on how quality works in the game you have two options with all signs to allow text to be placed on them. The first is 'Wurm style', that is the higher quality the item the more letters it can hold. If the quality depends on items used, I would favour a 'set amount' using XYZ items.

    That being said, I love the idea of a lantern style sign post. I envision it being a upgrade to the sign post features (ie not everyone can make them).

    But anyways, different signs for different purposes.

    • One-way pointing sign.
    • Two-way pointing sign.
    • Slim sign.
    • Medium sign.
    • Large sign.

    Of course the Slim, Medium and Large signs have no pointing ability, but can allow larger numbers of text than the actual pointing signs, and increases with size.

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    Re: Roadsigns

    I assume these would be only placeable on your tribes zone? Else I could see someone placing a sign that said town this way -> and then some ass coming along and building another that says town this way <-

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    Re: Roadsigns

    That is one of the great things about the game... how to combat that is of course not upto the content suggestion... as in the real world, we wouldn't have thought of that :P

    It's not like we have city councils at the moment hehe

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