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    Xsyon Community Wiki Suggestion Thread

    I see a lot of people say the wiki is lacking or you would like to see this and that on it. This thread is to get some feedback from you all to get a better understanding than just "It's lacking", so I would like you all to give detailed suggestions and feedback in this topic.

    What is needed, what can be changed, etc etc. Are there certain pages that lack some information and what information is it lacking that should be on it? Everyone can make a wiki account to do edits but some may not understand how to do breadcrumbs, page structure, or how things work. I understand that, so everything people post here can be taken by myself or anyone who is knowledgeable on how to do anything on a wiki and implement those suggestions or feedback.

    Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions you give.
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    Coord from Regions ist missing, mayby u can bring out a map with resource overhead, that would be great

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