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    ~~ The New Elite ~~

    Most of the veteran players of Xsyon will remember the legend of Pean, and his tribe: Elite. Well Pean is gone now, and he has passed the baton to me. I have been with the great tribe Raven Moon for some time, and along with my wife Chaotika and my good friend Epistaxis have decided to leave the nest of Raven Moon to run our own tribe. I mean, when opportunity knocks we answer the door!

    Elite are allies of Raven Moon, but with a different vision. We are a PVP tribe, and love a good fight. Want to challenge us to a battle? Send us a message! Want a tribe to spar with and learn the art of pvp combat? Send us a message and ask about joining. Sorry but we are currently only recruiting paid players. The reason is that we want tribe members that are willing to be committed! Becoming a great warrior in Xsyon takes time, practise and patience.. so be ready to roll up your sleeves.

    There are no free rides here, but the rewards are great!

    Elite manufacture quality items for trade. We offer Supreme Quality weapons, master tools, master trapper carts, Bone Armor, Clothing, and materials. In fact there's not much we don't have. If you want to trade with us we will be glad to work out a deal, so contact our sales rep Epistaxis / Talisman. Safe passage in and out of our tribe is guaranteed!

    Warning: If you are caught within the walls of our tribe you will be attacked!! If you are caught snooping around the scrap field next to our tribe, you will also be attacked. We aren't looters, but we are fighters. We won't steal your stuff, we don't need it. But we will attack without warning, it's what we do!

    It's not because we are griefers, we just want to make Xsyon exciting again!

    Here is our location:

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    Nice to hear you guys are doing this, the game needs some excitement from the pvp side of things.

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    Definitely! Combat can be a lot of fun, and quite challenging to learn to do well. Looking forward to some epic battles!

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    Three cheers for the new Elite! and some folks I still consider tribemates.

    Who be this Wainwrong and what did he do that's so wrong? :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by wastelandstoic View Post
    Three cheers for the new Elite! and some folks I still consider tribemates.

    Who be this Wainwrong and what did he do that's so wrong? :P
    hehe thanks yella fella .. let's just say what he did wrong was to leave the wonderful world of Xsyon. You won't be seeing him again

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