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    Tailoring..Automatically sort the clothes and pieces!

    hi...many many of the players wanted a automatically sort of all the pieces of clothes and other tiles!
    is anything planned for the future?..many hours..or the most time you sort each peace of the clothes and my head is hot and i become headache..

    greetings Whorlok

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    Not sure what, exactly, you mean by automatically sort. Are you talking about an inventory function that places items in some kind of order by alphabet or item type? Or do you mean automatic stacking, where new cloth of the same color/type is added to an already existing stack in inventory. If you mean the latter, I would not support it unless it had some kind of filtering for different quality levels. I wouldn't want Master and High quality cloth to mix in the same stack.

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    I'm not quite sure what Whorlok is saying, can someone explain it?

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    automatic stacking i mean

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    There is automatic stacking - but everyone tries to avoid it, because it mixes up the different qualities.
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    Indeed, since the autostacking already exists on item creation (when a new item is added to inventory) I assume he means being able to just drop a stack into a container and it automatically "finds" the appropriate stack and combines them without having to drag and drop over each specific stack.

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    Uhh - automatic basket merging nice feature ... but to be honest, that is the part of the game that most players are spending (game) time on...

    Its like a game within the game ... like tetris, but simpler

    I am not sure that takeing this away will "better" the game - it will only take away a time consuming action that players are performing.

    Also were to put it in the UI?
    Some button on each basket?
    Or like a icon of the basket that you move onto another basket? Mass-moving?

    On the one hand I understand the wish for such a feature, but on the other hand I am not sure how to design it ?
    This would change the whole interaction of the game...
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    I mentioned months and months ago, to have like items stack automatically... Most only heard Stack and Auto though..

    Like items should include


    It does get really Annoying to have to spend hours sorting... I would also like to have a Drag and drop stacking system..

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    I'd appreciate such kind of sorting system a lot because I am mainly a crafter character and focused on tailoring and leathercraft. The main problem I see is the fact that there are many different types of leather and cloth items which have also different qualitiy levels or colors. It's quite difficult and time consuming to look into the container and finding the correct stack of items when I am sorting out ressources becaues much items a sharing the same graphics too. The next problem I see is that some items f.e. leather are only stacking to 20 pieces a stack which is basket and place consuming
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    I concur, cloth, recipes etc are a nightmare to organize, and its only going to get worse with the new crafting patch and so many more recipes. We need some kind of optional sorting/stacking feature so we can turn it on/off when needed.

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