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    Capture The Flag!

    Time: 9 PM GMT (1 PM PST)
    Lead Guide: GuideIsda

    Greetings Survivors!

    Join one of two teams who must attempt to 'Capture the Flag' from the wilderness temple and bring it back to their own team 'totem'. You may bring your own weapon, and a backpack.
    Team Uniforms will be supplied, to make it easier to spot your own Team-mates, (so please arrive naked for smoother time management of the event).

    Winners will be the best out of 3 to bring the 'flag' safely back to their team 'totem'. This will be a PvP event, but we respectfully ask that you do NOT loot other players personal items, except for the 'Flag' obviously, which must be looted to reclaim it!
    Prizes to be won!

    The Flag in this instance will be a wearable item that we will announce once everyone is present. If you have the item you MUST equip it so that other players can see it. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

    You will be teleported to the event and returned home afterwards, we will begin summons at around 8.45PM.
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    When you arrive at the event you will be divided into one of two teams and then taken by your Team Guide to either the Red Team Checkpoint or the Blue Team Checkpoint - each 300m away due east or west from the Wilderness Temple, try to remember the way back!

    At your team checkpoint, please open a basket when directed by your Team Guide and equip your team uniform, this is so you can more easily distinguish your own team members from the opposing team.

    When the event begins, the object is to race back to the wilderness temple and claim 'The Flag', to do so, your team will have to kill and loot 'FlagBearer'.

    'The Flag' is the only item FlagBearer is wearing. Once you have it - you MUST equip it, so that all participants can see 'The Flag' at all times (Failure to do so will result in immeadiate disqualification).

    Once a player has 'The Flag', they must be killed and looted of it for the other team to reclaim it.

    If you have the flag, the object is to try and return it to your own Team Checkpoint and trade it to your Team Guide. If you succeed, your team will win that round, and the game will reset - best out of 3.

    If you die during the game, you will be re-summoned to your Team Checkpoint, so please whisper your Team Guide as soon as you respawn, so that you can join back in as quickly as possible.
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    Have anyone Screenshots or a video from the Event?

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    Hello everyone!

    Yes these are some shots from Capture the Flag event, thanks for comming!

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    Great Event. Enjoyed it and thanks to the guides.

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