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    Talking EVENT: PVP "Free the Ambassador" Round 2

    Join the are loosing nothing!!..
    A Better Tomorrow Tribe (Zone 700)will be hosting this weekend on Sunday the 03.March at 6pm CET

    Around the city of A Better Tomorrow
    -Meeting Place is tribe"GLOBAL WAR City" zone:700 coord:511/828/530 (A mobile respawnpoint for all three Armys)

    2000 Nails

    What should we bring to the event?
    -Nothing...complete naked (Whorlok distributed Armor 25Red Armor/25GreenArmor/25BlueArmor)
    - one thing you need--> a empty Bascet and your weapon
    - ONE or TWO GUIDE or (TWO MOBILE RESPAWNTOTEMS--in the Future )

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    Greetings Survivors! At 5PM GMT (9AM PST) we will be supporting Whorloks player run event 'Free The Ambassador'.

    Please arrive naked with only a basket, you will be given a coloured team uniform to make it easier to spot your team members. Please also bring a weapon of your choice.

    Depending on turnout, there will be up to 3 teams, Red, Green, and Blue.

    The object of the game is to bring the Ambassador (wearing Black) back to your team checkpoint from a central totem. He will slowly follow whichever team trades him a dollar. Other teams can then try to get him to follow them by trading a dollar to him (if they can get close enough). If a team gets the Ambassador to their checkpoint he will trade them 50 nails, and they will kill him so he respawns at his totem.

    This video was taken by a player last time the event was run:
    It was really a lot of fun, hope to see you all there!

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    Thanks to Whorlok for hosting this event, it was a lot of fun!

    Blue Team (MrDDT, OrlandoKev, Sister and Cakesmith) won against Green Team (Siriius, Yellowfox, Sark and Kiff) overall, but all participants won great prizes for taking part. We look forward to another installment. You will be able to watch some of the action at
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