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    Cool ****Red Legion**** Wants you!

    Red Legion

    Our main goal here at Red Legion is to expand into a major city and provide a fun experience for everyone.We would like to be the main hub city of the east shore and a major trading city as well. We also want to strengthen our players so we can go on hunts together and be able to fight others if needed too. We basically want to have a well rounded tribe that can do anything.
    There are plenty of resources nearby for you to grow your skills. There is a massive junk pile right above us so we will always have scrap mats not to far off. We have all your basics for every trade skill. We can provide the tools and basics for you to grow your skills.This would help our quality since we can all focus on one or two things.

    Skills Wantted
    Right now we are looking to spread out our skills to have a more dynamic tribe and access to all kinds of stuff.Since we want to expand into a major city in game we will need all skills.This would help our quality since we can all focus on one or two things. Also we need to start making high quality goods in order to trade. We are looking for people who are going to be active and raise their skills to make high end goods and help the development of the tribe. We are a friendly helpful group so we encourage all to join.

    Attachment 292 Zone 861 off the shore.[SIZE=4]
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    Join the fun at Red Legion today! /w Walieo

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    WE are expanding in size quickly so join now to get in on the action. we have doubled in size in the last week. Reply or contact walieo in game
    pos zone 861 40/500

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    I'm interested, let's get together and talk about merging together.

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    me to i think we would make a good team

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    this post is now updated so join (:
    Join the fun at Red Legion today! /w Walieo

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    Talked to GreenSpade ingame, he was very helpfull, got me and 2 friends on oure way ingame, and i promished i did return when the time came to settle on a tribe to join.

    so anyway tried to contact walieo and him ingame, it just said could not find them, iam assuming that was due to them being offline, so will try again later on

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    Well, I'm intrigued. I'd be more than happy to join!

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    glad to hear lungDrac just pm me or anyone else in RedLegion we always have people on. main recruiters you can pm are walieo(myself) or weebestie
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    Join the fun at Red Legion today! /w Walieo

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    Red Legion are good guys. Their home begins to take shape. They make a trading post that looks good. Othere tribes have place there trade totems at there trading city. I am happy to do business with Red Legion. I advies to join them they are great people with big plans.


    Snakepit ingame name

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    Thanks for the kind words Snakepit, your right, we have big plans! And help for everyone!

    Should also be noted that Snakepit is not in our tribe, but in one of our alliance tribes, so its good to hear how things look from outside of the tribe

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