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    Combat crashes the server?

    Recently I was involved in a few pvp fights and 2 times the server crashes when the enemy's health drops below 30%. Topknotish and akeel something , twosock and myself was involved.

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    Re:Combat crashes the server?

    This is possible. We've made some fixes to this for the next patch already, but we can't upload the changes until the full build is ready.

    Thanks for this information. It helps us confirm that we were on the right track with our latest fixes.

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    Re:Combat crashes the server?

    With this new build if someones health drops below 1% or death, the server crashes.

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    Re:Combat crashes the server?

    Someone named Manolete lagging around crashed my client when we started to fight. This is the same person I fought earlier which caused a crash.

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    Re:Combat crashes the server?

    Another crash, Dewey died and server crashed. Death is crashing the server.

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    Re:Combat crashes the server?

    after the patch and debugging software just got loaded... death crash appears to still be active.

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