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    Questions For The Developers 03/06/2013 - 03/11/2013

    Please post your Questions For The Developer here.

    Please do not post questions regarding estimated release dates for features or changes. Our In Development schedule is posted here and will change as our plans changes. Features will be released when they are ready.

    Sarcastic or derogatory comments veiled as questions will not be answered.
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    When agriculture comes in will we have more freedom to plant near buildings and structures than we currently have with tree planting? I tried planting on test server and since the first action "Plowing" seems to use the same basic concept as terraforming I was not allowed to plow near objects. Also when planting I received the same message as with trees "Named Object" is in the way. It would be very useful if we could plant up against our buildings since that is where we have an abundance of open dirt lol, as well I have tribe members who would like to create gardens outside of their homes.

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