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    Not sure what to do your first time logging in come on in i have a basic tut for ya

    Ok so i haven't seen in tuts on how to get started as a noob so I shall give it a whirl hope this finds all new comers and helps them get through the first few days.

    OK step 1:

    At character creation screen after you made your character all sexified... or made it a beast, picking where you want your stats are crucial, all
    depends on your feel for the game. IE if you want to be a fight get Str fort and agil. if you want to be a crafter i would dump it all in charm and Perc.
    (you can take points out of all skills and move them to where you like. you also have 3 respecs as well so if you screw up u got three chances)

    Step 2:
    picking your starting Skills.

    You get to pick four at the start this will boost the ones u pick to lvl 25 (which is awesome)

    I would pick as followed for every character

    Unarmed - reasoning because u need it to be more effective in fighting

    then pick either axes or pick as both are useful and in my opinion the two best options

    then i would pick

    Scavenging (a source of income)

    Toolcrafting (so you can make all the first basic tools and don't have to make 1000 awls)

    Step 3:

    Now that you are ready to venture into the world get ready for an awesome adventure

    find a good spot to either settle down or join a tribe.

    You can ask to see if any tribes are looking for new ppls by pressing enter and then /y
    that will bring you into global chat

    If you do decide to go into a tribe you can stop reading now as they can guide u through better than me =P

    Step 4

    Once you find a place you would like to call your own set up a totem (if you bought the game)
    Now once u got a nice place now its time to grind to get some storage space!!!
    Open your resource window,
    and then your Pack window
    then of course ur backpack

    Now runn around till u see some grass pop up on ur resource window
    Right click it and u should see ur guy animate as if hes picking grass now u have some grass on your back
    You can hold up to 4 grass bundles. Once you got four drop it on the click and drag to drop on the ground
    to start making a rank ( which a rank is just a smart way of saying a pile) keeping doin this for idk about an hour

    After you have like 4 or 5 ranks open ur action window and click on basketry when u find it and put it in ur hotbar
    ok now that u have it in ur hotbar time to get busy.

    grab 4 bundles of grass and then then open up ur basketry by right clicking it scroll down (if you have to) and find thread
    Turn all ur Grass into Thread
    keep doin this till u get the recipe for string
    when you get the recipe for string keep going with turning the grass into thread ( if u have some left)
    once you run out of grass start making string from the thread until you get the recipe for twine
    then finish making all ur thread into string then start making twine. ( note if you run out of room just start deleting thread)

    Rinse and repeat till u get a recipe for a basket!

    Step 5
    Once you got your first basket its time to upgrade ur inventory make a second basket if you haven't yet
    dump everything into ur second basket then in ur pack window click ur backpack and THROW IT ON THE GROUND
    ur first basket that ur idoling over THROW THAT ON THE GROUNDDDDD. then pick it voila u now have a basket on ur back!!
    now you have 25 slot inventory... now keep making baskets for ur land cuz you'll need em till u can make pouches and make 4 pouches!!

    Step 6
    This step can go a few ways you can start terraforming, start grinding other skills, or since u have all those sexy baskets
    start scavenging at your nearest junk pile.

    by now u should have the basic understanding of how the game works hope this deters some noob rage quits i'll add more as i go

    If you some ideas for tutorials please pm me on forums and i'll take ur suggests and start putting some together this will be one of many
    and this was all what i did from the day one =)
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