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    Giving Xsyon a Whirl

    Hi there,

    I'm taking Xsyon for a test drive and just wanted to introduce myself / get familiar with the forum. Any suggestions for a brand new player beyond the basics covered in the tutorials?


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    Xsyon is a sandbox so you can do what you like and what you need most to survive. Here some advice:
    - if you plan to play a bit you can join a tribe but I warn you: this will "skip" some of the fun you'll get by settle down your own tribe, imho. Will be harder ad the biginning but once you'll reach a decent skill level (>80) in one crafting skill you'll be able to trade easily with other tribes;
    - don't choose as main skill terraforming, it's a waste as long you can raise this skill easily
    - settle down not too far from other tribes, so you'll be able to trade and make some friend
    - choose a spot not too far from junk piles, water and trees to avoid long travels
    - explore, explore and explore again the world, you'll find awesome places, abandoned tribes, some free loot and you'll learn where other tribes are located
    - the most populated zone I think it's South of main lake but there are active tribes on the west shore too
    - train basketry till you'll be able to craft baskets, it's very useful and don't require too much work
    - scavenge a lot on junk piles, keep only lightweighted items like nails, recipes, currency, etc. and keep in mind that, atm, nails are the most common currency
    - buy a cart as soon as you can

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    Happy to help, look me up in game. Sandman/Deadman

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