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Thread: Easter Events!

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    Easter Events!

    On Good Friday at beginning at 8 PM GMT (1 PM PST)

    Easter Egg Hunt Event - Find the Easter Baskets hidden around the world! Lots of prizes within!

    We will repeat this event throughout Friday and Saturday to allow all timezones to take part and have a chance to find a Prize Basket.

    On Easter Sunday beginning at 9 PM GMT (2 PM PST) and running again at 1 AM GMT (6 PM PST)

    Easter Bunny Event - Founders Island has been invaded by Easter Bunnies! Can you help to save the day?

    Prizes for all particpants.

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    This sounds awesome!

    Glad you're considering timezones, I'll be there
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    Happy Apocalyptic Easter all!

    Founders Island has been invaded by Mutant Easter Bunnies! We have managed to contain this disaster into one area, but we need the help of brave survivors to overcome the infestation!

    Fear their cold dead eyes, their savage gnarly teeth - don't be taken in by their cute little twitchy noses and fluffy cotton tails....

    Bring a hunting knife if you can!

    This Event will run on Easter Sunday at 9PM BST (2PM PST) and a few hours later at 1AM BST (6PM PST).

    This is a PvE event, please refrain from looting personal items from other players.
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    I want to thank all the guides that helped make these Easter Events the last few days, they have been great fun. I've been playing a lot and I know that holidays are sometimes hard for guides to do events those days and the guides really put in a lot of time and I had a great time.

    Pretty much 3 days of fun looking for baskets, going to events, and chatting in game. Keep up the great work.

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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    This was a really fun event, don't think anyone actually died today! I know i had about 4 screaming bunnies beating on me at one time, I'll be having nightmares for days. Glad everyone got a prize for showing up, should definitely have more events like that where I can raise my hunting skill tyvm guides for the time and effort. Keep up the good work!
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    Just wanted to say thank you Guides, it impresses me how much you guys go out of your way to ensure players are enjoying their game play. Great Fun at the events this weekend, Big Thank You from Oasis Tribe

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    Thanks to all the guides for hiding those baskets I ended up getting 10 baskets :P so happy I am fully back into xsyon again!

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    I Just wanted to say THANKS for all the events this weekend! I just recently came back to Xsyon and loved the events this weekend. They made the weekend sooooo much more fun! Good news is....I actually found one of the baskets too!

    I had to work part of the weekend...but I sure was wanting to be there! It also helped make the players interact more and help one another. Keep up the great work Xsyons!!!

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    Thanks Everyone! I also took some screens, but had so many to choose from, I ended up sticking them all into a Slideshow Vid, or the forum post would have been 12 miles long.

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