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    New player looking for RP tribe?

    Hi, I'm brand spanking new to Xyson and I was hoping to join an RP tribe so I can get that really immersive experience. Not sure if there are any tribes like that out there, but if there are let me know!

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    Heya, not sure if you'll see this, but i've been trying for a long long time to form an RP tribe. Poke me on here if interested!
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    Use steam? Message me and I can add you!

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    I will do some RP with you guys, you're both welcome to check out Hamsterbane Huntsmen. We kind of do humor RP as a tribe currently.

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    Tool-breaker chiming in.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sandman View Post
    I will do some RP with you guys, you're both welcome to check out Hamsterbane Huntsmen. We kind of do humor RP as a tribe currently.
    its not Hardcore RP but more of a Action rp, We break a tool we complain about how crappy it is...Glorp has a pet dog that lives somewhere around our Deadman sits around and makes sure we are working etc.. and we like to plot to kill him one of these days... so it is RP just not your heavy chatty type, but more of as we play we sorta pop in and out of character. You may however enjoy it as its better then no RP.

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    I plan on shanking Deadman with my old toothbrush. Then I plan on using his hide for a new pair of chaps. His hide gives 1.00 for the "Lazy" stat.

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    hahahahahaha... hahaha. You guys are funny!!!!! I would love to hear you guys in a TS or Raid Call for a day!!!!

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    Did anything ever come of this? I'm interested in joining a rp guild.

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    Nope, and both the other tribes are inactive.

    I would suggest if you want to RP, join any tribe and just RP while in it. Many people will likely join in.

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    Hello greenecounty,
    Im currently in my solo homestead and not really recruiting. I am doing some lore-based architecture abd land landscaping. I found a cave that is terraformable and will turn it into a "scavenger temple". When its done i'll probably move on and build a pyramid of some kind near pyramid lake. I also had the idea of building a theater, greek/roman style. For that i would need some help for sure, especially if there is a play to be played there.

    I am also interested in any player created event or any form of sporadic role-play. I have a few stories in bank waiting for in-game developments to be published.

    I am currently located in zone 977.
    /w me to talk about anything : in-game name : Harfang


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