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    Back Two Year Later

    I'm not really sure what happened but all my stuff was gone once I re-subscribed my account. I was left with nothing but a few empty baskets. I have no tools and odd I can't even make simple basket. I got my basket skill now at 23 to start collecting stuff but still for some reason can't make any type of bin or basket. I've asked to trade several times in the global chat and no one is interested in trading for some tools and bins.

    So I've spent the last few days filling up the empty baskets I did have with my scavenging at 80 I was bound find some useful stuff, it might be but now them baskets are full. It will take way way too long to start making baskets and get starting tools.

    At this point my impressions are short and i'm glad I only sub for one month because at this rate i'll be playing different game soon.

    I did give this a green light on Steam and I recently tried a game called Kenshi on Steam which brought me back once I remembered this game.

    I think this game has great potential, maybe developers should think about Kickstarter campaign and hire more help.

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    Hope so ! And welcome back Sandman !

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    Hello Sandman, welcome back.

    I re-subbed about 2 weeks ago to find myself in the same situation. If you haven't got a cart already trade some nails for one, then go to abandoned tribes and loot tools/baskets and set up your own tribe.

    It is painful knowing you have to collect your tools etc again. But, many awesome locations that were once taken are now available.

    In 2 years this game has improved a lot for a small dev team on an extremely complicated and in depth game. Before this game can be polished it must have a strong foundation to build up a big player base. Check out some of the updates to come and read up on the updates that have happened in the last 2 years.
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    LOL this is why when you leave the game you put everything you value on your toon.

    and they tried a kickstarter... well that didnt work out so well.

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    It's been almost two weeks now that I've been playing this game from my two year adios. There has been a fair amount of added content which the lot of us before were asking for. I am happy to see this game progressing. This game is in an Alpha-Beta state at the moment and I wish it the best of luck in the GreenLight for Steam.

    The only problem I see with this is before they get the green light, get rid of all the totems (and random carts) people placed 600days ago etc it really makes it hard with the primo spots taken by well a BOT a nobody a player who hasn't log in for over a year. And they need to fix the road that goes around the map, a lot people have teraformed or built a tribe on top of it, shameful. Some of it doesn't even connect and I think this would allow a much much more immersive feel to the game and allow being across the map no so bad for trading and interaction with other tribes/players.

    I am mostly playing with myself, I had a few interactions with other players thus far. Mostly good and i'm having a lot of fun, truly isn't a game on the market like this.

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    First off, totems decay already so if they are 600+ days its only a couple of weeks before it will be gone. I think you believe that 600+ days = Over a year real time but really its less than 3 months.

    Next about the terraformed stuff and road. The land will go back to normal over time (slowly) after the next patch.
    About it not connecting, the whole point is that players have free will. You will find that most players fix the roads.

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