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    Xsyon Gladiator Venationes III - 9PM GMT

    Xsyon Gladiator Venationes III!

    Greetings Survivors!

    Tonight we will be holding a PvE Event at Founders Island.

    "Venationes" (Latin: “animal hunts”), in ancient Rome, type of public spectacle that featured animal hunts.

    Contests between beasts or between men and beasts were staged in an amphitheatre, usually in connection with gladiator shows.

    We will be conducting the Event tonight, 6th April at 9PM GMT.

    This will be conducted at a mini Arena in founder island.

    We will summon players to the Event, and teleport them home afterwards.

    Players will duel it out 1v1 in a tournament style system vs a single creature. The creatures will get harder as we progress through the rounds. Each rank of animal you kill will be awarded a prize. You are competing against the animals, not against each other so there is no overall winner as such.

    In Rounds, each player will fight and will continue through the rounds until they are killed by a creature, when they will be considered 'out'.
    There is one resting platform in the arena, where players may rest/heal and try strategy on the creature, during their turn - however leaving the arena is in effect 'surrender' and so the player will be out if they leave the arena or re-enter the spectating area whilst an animal is in play.

    There will be 11 Ranks of animals:
    Rank - Creature - Prize
    Rank 1 - Hamster - Green Lumberjack Shirt
    Rank 2 - Rabbit - Green Jeans
    Rank 3 - Dog - 100 Supreme Nails
    Rank 4 - Rino Rat - 10 Master Round Bear Bones
    Rank 5 - Spine Tip Ridgemartin - 150 Supreme Screws
    Rank 6 - Spineback Coon - Master Pioneers Saw
    Rank 7 - Coyote 10 - Master Coyote Leather
    Rank 8 - Mule Deer - 10 Master Deer Leather
    Rank 9 - Black Bear - 10 Master Bear Leather
    Rank 10 - BlueTip Horned Deer - Recipe of Choice
    Rank MASTER - Shadow Bear - Master Scrapper Cart

    Bring your best gear to the battle, dont forget a hunting blade, and let the slaughter begin!


    This is PvE only, no looting other players.
    Entering the arena at all during another players turn will result in disqualification and a teleport home.

    Players may loot/harvest from any animals that they kill, and may store that in a basket between animals being spawned if they wish (to avoid encumbrance). Do not interfere with another players baskets during this event.

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    Great event last night. Thanks a lot for it. Fun is fun.

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    Some screenies from Gladiator Venationes event, Thanks everyone for coming!

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    Fantastic event! Thanks to all the guides and players that made this epic

    Looking forward to the next event!
    z980 - 900/800
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