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    Current Price list from Nezdar

    The following is a price guide for items in Xsyon based on my personal experiences. If you don't like the prices, please, don't shop with me. I try to be fair and have frequently discounted these items or given bonus items. However, this is the base price for a single item from me without delivery. I will try to update the list as items are requested or their availability changes.

    Also, if items are out of stock I will honor the prices in most cases as soon as I am able to gather the item. However, I make no promises on how long it might be until any item is available again.

    Like Industrial Strength I accept all currency on an equal basis. I PREFER quarters.

    Items Nails / Currency Stock
    5 Slot Pioneer Cart 400 / 800
    10 Slot Pioneer Cart 700 / 1400
    15 Slot Pioneer Cart 1000 / 2000
    20 Slot Pioneer Cart 1500 / 3000 Coming Soon
    5 Slot Trapper Cart 1000 / 2000 whisper for availability
    10 Slot Trapper Cart 1500 / 3000 whisper for availability
    15 Slot Trapper Cart 2000 / 4000 whisper for availability
    20 Slot Trapper Cart 2500 / 5000 Coming Soon
    5 Slot Forager Cart 400 / 800
    10 Slot Forager Cart 700 /1400
    15 Slot Forager Cart 1000 / 2000 Coming Soon
    20 Slot Forager Cart 1500 / 3000 Coming Soon
    Saws 300 / 600
    Most other tools 100 / 200
    Feathers - HQ and below 4
    Feathers - VHQ 10
    Small Metal Plates - HQ and below 4
    Small Metal Plates - VHQ 10
    Bolts - HQ and below .5
    Bolts - VHQ 2
    Wedges - HQ and below 5
    Wedges - VHQ 15
    Small Metal Blocks - HQ and below 5
    Wedges - VHQ 15
    Large Metal Sheets 20
    Blue Prints
    Bamati 2x4x2 Platform 600
    Banaya Habi Post 300
    Banaya Spiked Corner 300
    Mason Stone Floor 600
    Scrapper Concrete Post 300
    Pioneer Canopy 4500 One in Stock
    Cart BP 300 Ask which are available
    Craftsman Cart BP 600 Ask which are available
    Adept Cart BP 900 Ask which are available
    MasterCart BP 1200 Ask which are available
    Base Price of 2 nails per skill level
    Tulipi Spiked Club 4500 Out of Stock
    Toolcraft - Regular 200 Many in stock, whisper with what you need
    Toolcraft - Artisan 400 Out of stock, see Industrial Strength
    Toolcraft - Master 1000 Out of stock, see Industrial Strength

    It will take a while to finish converting to table formatting.

    Post BP 150
    Wall or corner BP 300
    Platform BP 500
    Ramp BP 750 none
    Floor or corner BP 300
    Tent BP 1000
    Gadu Stick Canopy 250
    Scrapper Picnic Canopy 350
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    Great list.
    I would love to see more people put out their price list.

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    Hello Nezdar,

    I'd like to purchase 'Granite Wall' BP. I'd also like to purchase the wood wall with the small window/s in, it is an arch BP but i forgot the name. /w DangerTwig in game if i don't contact you first. I'll pay full prices in nails and pick them up
    z980 - 900/800
    Xsyon World Map

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    I too would like to see others post some price lists

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    -William Shakespeare

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    Updated the price list tonight. More to come, feedback is welcome.

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    I need craftmans foragers cover - frame - handle - handcart possibly hull and wheel if kakari cannot supply them.

    /w me in game!
    z980 - 900/800
    Xsyon World Map

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    /bump - updated today

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    Updated again today.

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