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    Current testers and Vent

    Is there going to be a vent channel that is secure and only people that have access to the game and admin can get into? I think that it might be helpful if some of the older testers would be available to help some of the others get started.. perhaps answer some early questions...

    What do you guys think ?

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    Re: Current testers and Vent

    Yeah that would be nice it beats game chat hands down. Someone in-game mentioned a vent channel the other day, but that might have just been a private vent. Does anyone have a vent already that could be used for this purpose?

    ***Side Note***

    It would also be a good idea to get a "New beta tester sticky" up somewhere and have that link sent out in the emails so people just getting in the game have a good starting point instead of asking the same questions a million times.

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    Re:Current testers and Vent

    There is a Xsyon vent channel, I have been in there a couple of times but there is never anyone in there.

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    Re:Current testers and Vent

    Can you post the vent info so the rest of us can jump in if we want to? I just sit in vent most of the time anyways migh as well be in one where i can be useful :-)

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    Re:Current testers and Vent

    i should pop in there more...joining now

    yeah if it starts to get busy again i will make a private section

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    Re:Current testers and Vent

    There is a post about it on the forums, but here it is again port 5131

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    Re:Current testers and Vent

    it couldn't possibly be a sticky in the general discussion area :whistle:

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    Re:Current testers and Vent

    Ummmm perhaps it is, I didnt look :blush:

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    Re:Current testers and Vent

    Once this next patch is out and character wipes are not as often I will be popping in there. We need to explore crafting and PvP more.

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