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    Questions For The Developers 04/18/2013 - 05/12/2013

    Please post your Questions For The Developer here.

    Please do not post questions regarding estimated release dates for features or changes. Our In Development schedule is posted here and will change as our plans changes. Features will be released when they are ready.

    Sarcastic or derogatory comments veiled as questions will not be answered.
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    Are there any plans to have carts decay?

    What's the status of the Steam Greenlight?
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    1. Sorting/Storage is a big chore, even bigger so with the new crafting revisions.

    Q. Are there any plans to implement a right-click auto stack feature?

    Q. If not, are there any plans to improve the sorting/storage system to reduce this work load?
    DDT's idea about a recipe book would help out a lot:

    2. Small animal innards (from my understanding), cannot be used in game yet because they cannot be dissected into guts.

    Q. Are there any plans to convert small animal innards into guts so catgut thread is not so hard to obtain?

    Thank you!

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    Questions, thoughts, ideas, and comments for the period of 4/18/2013

    A few ideas that may increase trade; making money weightless could be a great idea. Boats need I say more? A road that goes all the way around the shore line that can not be built on or altered like a tribe land,
    this will allow immersion and increase trade in this game by ten folds in my humble opinion. Is there anyway we could get these ideas to happen?

    Can you edit out the live stream on steam that no longer plays, makes look like game is dead? Do you have a status update on how long it will take to go green on steam?

    Trade totem issue I hope has been taken care of, MrDDT informed you.

    Able to build on top of platforms, this annoys me why I would not be able to. Is there any
    plans to allow this to happen?

    Wiki needs updating, cooking/farming are not even listed etc

    Kickstarter for small patch updates, i'd be willing to support this. What advertisement plans for this game as I never knew the last kickstarter was even going on I would have supported you.

    There is a huge modding community in gaming. If you allowed modding of this game there are many people who will come design and make this game better for you for free just for they can play it a certain way. you can have a persistent world like the one you have. Then make modding a seperate server they have pay for to mod.
    Once setup implement things on the modded server player created that you felt was benefit to you
    and your vision of this game. It's a win win they do work for you and make stuff we all want.
    All you have to do is in a legal write up make it where anything they alter in their modded world is property of Xsyon and can be used at your discreation, then it's legal and yep free slave labor lol.
    Is there anyway to get a modding commiunity in this game?

    I understand why you have the totem radius like it is for people don't go around making empty cities all over the lands but for legit city builders like myself I have a small tribe and it's just not befitting for the lower level tribes. I have to beg and plead for new players to join me, then I have to spend all my time and stuff making them want to buy your game. In the end I get a small increase in land which is hard for new tribes to build some of the bigger projects like I want. I have to keep buying the game over and over I already have three accounts before I am done I will have ten accounts on here, it doesn't add up. Is there a way to increase the radius of smaller tribes that get new paid players or the starting radius?

    I second Ryanargu questions.

    On making small animal innards able to be made guts, or I heard you are working on the animals, this is a must and I want to say thank you. Either way these are both two issues I currently have.

    Is there any way to make waterskins weigh less to encourage drinking and carrying water?

    Currently there is a standard now of currency in game Dollars, Quarters, Pennies, Beer Tabs, BottleCaps, Nails. This is player driven but is there anyways to just get rid of beer tabs and bottle caps and make those into dollars/quarters/pennies? For the sake of simplicity?

    I would like to put signs in the game is this possible?
    I would like to place traps in the game is this possible? (for hunt and base defense)

    I am still having issues with having only four bins open at a time, the cart take two slots by maybe reduce that somehow to one would help a lot.

    Thank you for all your hard work, I've been away from this game for a few years and I am glad to see a lot of changes you've made over the past since I have been here last. I also like the new patch very much thank you again.

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    In regards to mounts, could I suggest some small engine mounts? I know gas/diesel is pretty much non-existent, but with farming and cooking being added to the game in the near future, it would open up the possibility of having bio-fuel as a biproduct.

    Just a thought. It's a slow day at the office

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    Flying mounts? I'd love to have a hang glider in game. Seriously, I know that is far out on the dev schedule.

    Are there plans for logging to be affected by the axe QL? It is very difficult to obtain Master QL wood and I think it's impossible to obtain Supreme QL wood now. Compared to obtaining other materials like rock or metal, this seems out of balance.

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