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    My questions regard the whole 'Free to play' thing and payments.

    So I love games like this and I have played (and payed for other games too). I was planning on, when I get payed this summer to pay for an upgrade for this. But then I look things over for it and I realize that after a month they 'force' you to pay? Is that true? Is this more of a free trial thing than actual free to play?

    Im not bashing it or anything I just want to understand what it is...I love this game but I don't have the money to pay whenever they want me to... So if you would be kind enough to explain that would be great thanks guys!

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    You can play for free forever, you would just be limited in skills and not able to place a totem.

    The paying after a month is the fact that there is a subscription model for the game and if you want to have skills over level 30 run a tribe/totem then you will be a subscription.

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    Oh okay thanks for clearing that up! I was freaking out a bit there. ^^ Okay thanks, see you guys around then!

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