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    Hamsterbane Huntsmen- Actively Recruiting

    We are currently openly recruiting, we encourage you to come check us out, hangout in our area, join us on Mumble a voice communication, and make a few friends while having fun. You will be given your own space for yourself and setup with a crafting job that will help the entire tribe. We work together in making Xsyon a place we all want to spend our time hanging out in. Share Victory, Share Defeat!

    About Hamsterbane Huntsmen:
    We are a new tribe founded in April 2013 by Sandman and Andros. We settled in a nice area in the zone 937 Pos:700/400. Our current tribal size is a Tribe with 25 players currently in the tribe. We are aligned good, active, and try to be helpful to the Xsyon world. We help each other with our crafting and we love going out and hunting.

    We will always have changing tasks that the tribe will undertake together as in projects, but our main goal is to relax and have fun. Keep it simple, have fun and help each other out. Together we will make this world what we want it to be.

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    If you are new and need a place to hang your hat and learn how the Xsyon world works we are happy to help. If you've got the basics down and are a Xsyon vet looking for a place that could benefit from having you around then look no further.

    Mumble is a voice communication like Ventrilo or TeamSpeak. Go to and download the client device. Once downloaded go to ADD NEW to join server and add this information in.

    Label: (whatever you wish to call this server)
    Port: 61186
    Username: (use your xsyon in game character name)

    Goto Xsyon wiki and the maps section and get yourself one of the grid maps to help guide you to our location. In game use the "M" key to show you a small limited area of where you are. If you need help just use /y to global chat and ask for anyone in Hamsterbane Huntsmen online that can help guide you to our location.

    ZONE 937 Pos:700/400
    You will see a mason city, there is a river that splits the zone almost in half we are located on the right of that river, we are in the middle of the zone, we are south and east of Cenderrat. Once inside the zone you may use /s for local chat for more help.

    We currently are allied with Paradise and have our trade totem placed outside our walls of our city. Stop by we welcome all visitor and trade.

    I hope to see you in game soon and if you do not think we are what you maybe looking for then I wish you the best of luck in Xsyon.
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    We do have a website but it's private use only.

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    Updated information:

    For the public records anyone who is a member of Hamsterbane Huntsmen and goes inactive for 30 days without notice is considered gone and your items will be transferred to the tribe.

    If you give reason to your absence your items will be safely guarded until your return.

    Fairly simple info here but I wanted to make sure it was publicly announced.

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    Hamsterbane Huntsmen "Helping Hand Program"

    Q: What is the Helping Hand Program
    A: The Helping Hand Program offers assistance with the monthly fee for the game Xsyon.

    Q: Who is eligible for the Helping Hand Program?
    A: To be eligible for this program you must be a citizen which means you must have already purchased the game. You must be an active member of the Hamsterbane Huntsmen, contributor to the tribe, and active on the Xsyon forums promoting positive feedback. Alt accounts are not eligible only primary accounts/players.

    Q: How does the Helping Hand Program work?
    A: If you are a member of Hamsterbane Huntsmen Tribe and want to continue playing the game as a full citizen but are unable to financially afford the monthly rate you must enroll in the Helping Hand Program through the tribe leader Sandman. We will talk via voice communication and work out what day your monthly fee of $10 will be due. I have worked out a payment arrangement with the Xsyon financial department and I will pay them directly and have your account credited for a months game time.

    Q: Why would you create this Helping Hand Program?A: I have come across players that wish to play Xsyon but mention they would have trouble paying for the monthly cost. I already have three accounts and instead of me creating more accounts, I don't have time to focus on and play, I would rather have someone else that is active and a helpful contributor to the tribe continue playing Xsyon. As a tribe leader I know how frequent players come and go and I am trying to find an alternative solution to maintaining some of the members that might be becoming inactive due to the fact they are unable to pay the monthly fee. I personally think this is a win win situation, one it helps our tribe, and two it helps the entire community by maintaining more subscriptions which means more money the developers have to spend on updates we request. Not to mention but I will it also helps the community become larger and who wouldn't want that?

    Q: In the event you find players taking advantage of you to just pay their sub fee, what will you do?A: Players who are taking advantage of the system will be reported to the Xsyon development team and possibly have their game time provided by this program revoked. If I find multiple accounts of the general population trying to take advantage of this, I will end the program and call it a wash.

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    Hamsterbane Huntsmen is looking for these types of toons:

    dedicated Foarging and Forestry toon
    dedicated Scavenging toon
    dedicated Woodcrafting toon
    dedicated wainwright toon
    and someone who like to fish

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