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    Back Slot Capabilities

    On the equipment page there is a back slot that can carry up to a bundle of 4 things such as 4 leather scraps, 4 cloth scraps, 4 plastic scraps, etc. The only drawback is that it can only be 4 of the same thing, not 4 different things. Is this intentional? Seems kinda silly to me to force you to carry the same things as long as it doesn't go over encumbrance.

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    Re:Back Slot Capabilities

    I also agree that the player should be able to carry any combination of back materials so long as they carry no more than 4. However with the current UI setup it is not possible to display the icon for more than one different back placed material.

    I will add it to the suggestions list and will speak to Jooky and see if it would be possible to change when the UI is redone, however it may end up being more trouble than it is worth, we shall see.

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    Re:Back Slot Capabilities

    I think this problem is bound to the 3D model displayed on the back. As long as it is the same it can be shown 2x, 3x and 4x. When the items are different the models have to be combined and this seems very difficult to do. Maybe it was better to have a "generic" 3D model and be able to collect different kinds of items...

    Why not have kind of "bag" that grows in size with every item you carry? This would also mean you can see that someone is carrying a lot of stuff but you can't tell what it is and if it's worth a PvP fight...

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    Re:Back Slot Capabilities

    +1 to the bag idea for a couple reasons.

    1) Allow items to be hidden from view

    2) Allow different items

    3) Slightly reduce environment complexity for rendering.

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    Re:Back Slot Capabilities

    What about this one?

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    Re:Back Slot Capabilities

    I think something like what is shown in the picture could be craftable item that allows you to carry more things at a speed penalty or to transport water a distance. But for this problem I liked the idea of just an increasingly large backpack/generic junkpile concept. it doesn't matter what goes it in, it just gets larger up to 4 bundles of anything not exceeding encumbrance.

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    Re:Back Slot Capabilities

    \\0/ dances to the suggestion.

    +1 to cloth bag when more than one resource type has been collected - sort of.

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