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    Wink Nova Scotiaa

    Nova Scotiaa is currently looking for more players to help complete major construction projects including two additional towers, a harbor and a giant treehouse. We are located east of the Lake in an extreme danger zone. However, the area is safe for new players, we quickly remove any revenant populations.

    There is plenty of room for additional projects and Citizens are welcome to build in an available plot of their choice.

    We are a multinational group with players from Sweden, Denmark, Scotland, England, Texas, the US, and the Czech Republic.

    We encourage independence and self reliance but also have a fully stocked tool room and grinding quality material storage house.

    Please contact Nezdar or Qronos in game for more information or an invite.

    This post will be updated as necessary.

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    All welcome to join Nova Scotiaa Tribe
    Its a tribe thats growing fast

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    I would like to join the tirbe

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