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    [B][U]Hamsterbane Huntsmen these are the following tasks as a tribe we are focusing on for the day of 5/07/2013[/U][/B]

    We have got a lot done lately we finished the three story building, finished the docks, finished all our trade orders, we've had some good hunts, we are all working on our combat skills, and stockpiling mats has been group effort.

    Keep doing what you guys are doing this place is looking like a real city and a fun place to live.

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    Where's the dancing girls you promised us?

    Putting a wig on Glorp and making him do "the electric slide" does not, in any way, constitute dancing girls....

    P.S. We need more Junior Mints. We're almost out.

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    What do you mean no more Terraforming projects this winter, THAT IS ALL WE HAVE DONE!

    I blame Deadman, just saying...

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    [B][U]Hamsterbane Huntsmen these are the following tasks as a tribe we are focusing on for the day of 5/09/2013[/U][/B]

    The ghost project Jayson has put up let's get it built today
    I have like 300 bins I need trading
    Hunting last night was a lot fun, let's make sure we get some sort killing in again tonight
    and grind up our main craft skills, level level level

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    [B][U]Hamsterbane Huntsmen these are the following tasks as a tribe we are focusing on for the day of 5/010/2013[/U][/B]

    [COLOR="#FF0000"]TGIF, yippie-yi-yo-ki-yay[/COLOR]

    Great job on getting the new storage area Jayson outlined completed. Teamwork FTW!
    Now we need to get all our stuff sorted out in the correct bins, I am currently working on the bin placements in each area. There will now be a regular bin for high quality and below of an item, a bin for very high quality, premium, and supreme of the same item. We have a good system for our storage area now we need to use it properly when we find or craft a certain level of an item.

    Grab your carts and start bringing over the bins into the correct area and putting the items in the correct bins will be our task for today and this weekend.

    Aside from that we still need to spend a little time grinding up our main res/craft skills and work on combat skills.

    I plan to take a few trips out hunting over this weekend so if you want to come along make sure you have your equipment, food, water etc all prepared and ready to go on a moments notice to go out hunting. Most of you have been out on a few hunting trips and know how to Kite, Stay Alive, and Fight. So now the group will no long stop and wait... you will have to land nav yourself back to where ever the group is if you die on a hunt. Everyone is efficient on the map system I feel comfortable with this now.

    This weekend is also mothers day I will not be online during the evening on Sunday.

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    Hmmm...interesting.., Jayson leaves tribe to make a hunting outpost where we like to hunt. i know he has a good friend back from service but for over a week no sight of him...or Sandman. would have been nice to let us know when you would be far 2 good recruits have left. Xsyon is a great game as long as there are people participating. If i don see someone soon and have some direction, I may be forced to also find more active Quarters....Just Sayin.

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    I had to replace my new SSD hard drive it crashed on me, I get my replacement on Tuesday, so maybe expect me Tuesday or soon after. Sorry about that I am on a different computer that doesn't have this game on it.

    Jayson will be back and it was his brother that was returning from over seas so maybe give him some time with his bro, yeah?

    The new recruits left because I haven't log in for a few days, hmmm well it is what it is.

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    Well three weeks have gone by...don know if Jason has been on since he left the tribe to make the hunting camp...I go by there often but see no one. I have visited numerous English speaking tribes but have not found any active ones i like, mainly the area's they are at...Raven Moon is Nice but the tree lagg is unforgiving to me. for the past week and a half, the only one i have seen log on is a new player Rodlynn...never chats and most times when i log on he/she logs off. I have chked tents but have not seen any looting. I still grind from time to time and have made sales to several other tribes. I will stay until i find another tribe that suits my fancy.
    I understand in MMO's that others are not here to hold my hand or keep me entertained. if a good path does not arise by time my sub runs out again, i will prolly just quit. Any ingame insights will be appreciated by any who read this.

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    you know you are always welcomed at Red Legion glorp and you know how active we are

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    The FedEx truck kept missing me and I waited all week but they are hard to work with. the hard drive was sent back and the company and they haven't returned my phone call yet. I haven't been able to use my computer to play any video games. I planned on coming back and never wanted to take a break. Sucks my hard drive crashed.

    On side note you telling me everyone has up and left, I know I maybe the tribe leader but really that doesn't make me want to come back. Just seems like to much work if I am not on 24/7 the tribe falls apart, bleh :/

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