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    Wanted to let you know that I'm still around. Just because the tribal leader is not around due to unforeseen circumstances isn't a reason to let everything fall to pieces. Toolcraft, basketry and scavenging are all over 50 and wainwright is over 30 at present. Looking forward too seeing you again Sandman.
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    OK...Glorp is still active...well, not entirely but with his alt Gruu. I will keep the Hamsters warm so no decay. Gruu has left and is a paid account now but is a tribe leader across the river from the Hamsters. we have a cple veterans with us and about 10 other new players...but only 5 paid accounts. as Hamsterbane Huntsmen Come back to life, the two tribes can do much trading and Hunting together. I still think there is plenty of good times to be had in Xsyon and will stay as long as i can.


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    Hi All..... Glorp and Gruu here. Just an update for Hamsterbane....yes I still have an alt in the tribe and will do my best to keep Hamsters from decay. Glorp has moved over with Gruu and that tribe is growing slowly.

    To All new players that read this. please take this advice. come to the game FTP with the knowledge that you cannot build. yes a tribe can help but only if the leader allows it and most will not so that all buildings remain in their name to prevent future diss assembly by a tribe member who leaves the tribe. Younger players...please dont come to the game, find a tribe and then never log back in. If you dont want to be part of the game then simply dont play it. This game has no Easy Button and if a tribe takes you in and gives you all the best stuff how long would you remain...1 more day?...get real. This is an Indy game that still has alot of future expansions but will not prosper if all anyone does is come in and leave the next day.
    Most all active Tribes will take anyone in in some way or another and if you want to be solo please still make contact with others and do trades...Being a Hermit in this game means you will be here a long time grinding on stuff all by yourself. The game is more fun with others to help ea. other out.
    Oh...and stop by and give Glorp or Gruu a fish to eat,,,never know what you may get in return.


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