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    I have made another load of mortar will finish this off tonight.

    The granite I pulled for the brick seems to have been sold by someone, so will pull more and store in a locked bin till we have enough.

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    Yeah green spade sold it... We really need to regelate that those things are for tribe use and stuff now everyone is just taking and not putting anything back. I am also working on taking the dirt under the walls and for the other sides I will place the dirt further out since we now have more room
    Join the fun at Red Legion today! /w Walieo

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    Good job today guys keep up the good work. we are looking like a good trade center now. we also got alot of people to each craft now its time to master our crafts and keep recruiting people and getting mats. everyone should try to raise scav.
    Join the fun at Red Legion today! /w Walieo

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    keep up the work guys. we've became better hunters. we still need to raise our skills. our major goal is to finish the walls for this we will need alot of dirt. Also if its not yours ask before you take or make sure you replace it. lets not start fights in between the tribe. we all need eachother to grow
    Join the fun at Red Legion today! /w Walieo

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    Great job on the tribe guys. Our walls are finally done and look good.its safe to say we are the major city on our side(: now we need to finish the market place and sort out all our mats and bins. It is also good to hear good things about us from other tribes and people lets keep the relations good and get more trade partners(:
    Join the fun at Red Legion today! /w Walieo

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    Marketplace template is up, needs any tweaks from the mighty overlord, and then we can start making the walls solid, adding in the counters, and moving the trade totems in.
    Tribe vault template is up, a few bins in the way that need to be moved for the final piece of wall and the gate.
    Chief Tent footprint is up, need final approval from the mighty overlord and we can get it built.

    Need to consult for the Western wall's purpose.
    Northern area terraforming postponed until spring, so I do not go blind.
    Time for the inside to be completely cleaned out. Lets make Winter a useful time.

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    Damm I go away for a wee bit and you manage to redevelope the whole place Casi... you and ya spade

    Few more days and I will be back to see whats it all looks like now.. should be fun to see.

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    yeah weeb we went into over drive haha xP
    Join the fun at Red Legion today! /w Walieo

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    alright guys im going to go vist my family so i wont be on for about a week keep up the work
    Join the fun at Red Legion today! /w Walieo

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