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    I need your help now guys.

    I'm going to be visiting the Dry Limestone/Basalt veins across the world and updating Basalt to this colour

    I'll be starting with the north and working my way down. If you know that a vein is basalt and NOT dry limestone please post it here like this:

    Z = 941 - 600/700 (this one I have done already)

    You will be credited for your efforts

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    You are doing great work. Wanted to add you are missing 2 other types of resources.


    They are very rare but they are on the resource map just hard to see.

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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    bump for in game members
    z980 - 900/800
    Xsyon World Map

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    Version 1.3 released

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    Version 1.3.1 released - minor changes
    z980 - 900/800
    Xsyon World Map

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    New here and I gotta say great map, thanks

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    Bump for new Xsyoneers

    Here is the map:
    z980 - 900/800
    Xsyon World Map

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    • Added 10 missing zones to the map: 619, 620, 621, 622, 623, 905, 865, 1098, 1099 & 1100
    • Added Area Danger Levels to Junk Piles: Extreme, High, Medium & Low
    • Changed the color of Basalt and Dry Limestone
    • Added 'No Resource' to depleted Junk Piles
    • Non-existing Junk Piles removed
    • Missing Junk Piles added
    • Missing Basalt deposit added
    • Mist positioning more accurate

    If you notice any inaccuracies, please post them here.

    Here it is: Updated Xsyon Map V1.4
    z980 - 900/800
    Xsyon World Map

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    wicked weasels! Keep up the good work:P

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