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    Updated Resource Map

    Community updated map:
    • Loads fast
    • Has a Legend
    • Displays safe mist and deadly mist
    • Explains how zones work

    • Basalt and Dry Limestone correctly shown as light grey
    • Mist updated to patch changes
    • Mist positioning updated and more accurate

    • Basalt added in purple
    • Dry Limestone added in blue
    • No Resource added in black
    • Mist positioning more accurate
    • Basalt deposit removed in zone 1062
    • Basalt deposit added in zone 864

    • Added 10 missing zones to the map: 619, 620, 621, 622, 623, 905, 865, 1098, 1099 & 1100
    • Added Area Danger Levels to Junk Piles: Extreme, High, Medium & Low
    • Changed the color of Basalt and Dry Limestone
    • Added 'No Resource' to depleted Junk Piles
    • Non-existing Junk Piles removed
    • Missing Junk Piles added
    • Missing Basalt deposit added
    • Mist positioning more accurate


    Whoever made the original map found here:
    Sark - Helping me map the danger levels of the central island
    Inspector Ooloo - Feeding me while I was mapping the south-west
    A Better Tomorrow - Leaving fish in a public basket outside their tribe
    GuideXaphan - Showing me the website

    Please note: This map has a tolerance of -/+ 100 meters.

    If you notice any inaccuracies, please post them here.

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    Nice work Danger, however when i save it to my desktop and open with windows photo viewer (just happens to be what i use to view map with normal map) i cant zoom in on it, and when i use scroll wheel, i scroll through the 5 layers you did to create the finished project, weird stuff, lol talking with another player, this isnt happening to them, so dunno whats up...

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrlandoKev View Post
    when i use scroll wheel, i scroll through the 5 layers you did to create the finished project, weird stuff
    That is very weird, the map is uploaded as a low res jpg only. It would be impossible to get the individual layers.

    I just tried scrolling in and out in WPV and it works fine for me lol.

    If the problem remains, the only thing I can suggest is right click the image > properties > 'Change..' button > select 'Windows Live Photo Gallery'.

    If you don't want to do that, delete the image and download it again.

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    I even went as far to open it in my paint program and re-save it as a gif, still got the scrolling of the layers on it as well when trying to zoom, i admit weirdest damn thing i have ever seem. gifs and jpgs should be merged versions of the layers, figured i would let you know, i had actually done my own overlay of mist to resource map for myself in past, just gonna stick with it, but am gonna steal your pos helper in the upper right, might help me actually "remember" how the map pos work, lol

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    Nice Map and the pos helper is very good,
    there must be a failur in the Legend cause i found basalt at limestone layer and Limestone where basalt should show up

    but its a very good map and i will use it in future, thx
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    I'll check it out cake. I'm also going to be updating the map a little bit at a time while playing, I'll bump it when changes are made.
    I plan to:
    1. Find the exact depth of the mist until it becomes unsafe.
    2. Run around the entire map on the edge of the mist to check positioning.
    3. Add tribes with a key.
    4. Add areas with a key.
    5. Add danger levels to areas.

    Basically I want to make this map friendly to new players, players looking for a new home and explorers.

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    Would also be cool if you could make it more interactive really. Where you have 1 map with a tribes (active/inactive) overlay so that they don't cutter the resources.

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    Wow - great work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrDDT View Post
    1 map with a tribes (active/inactive) overlay so that they don't cutter the resources.
    Yes this would be great.
    The 'areas/danger levels' and 'tribe locations' maps are going to be separate from this map.

    The only way I can see it being all together AND interactive (selecting different layers), is if I install it on a web page and add Javascript code to it. The problem with this is that I do not have a location online where I could put it unless someone knows a website that allows Javascript coding from clients?

    If I had access to the Xsyon database, I would be able to add a live feed of active and inactive tribes sorted by last active member using PHP/MySQL... But, that's a tall order lol.

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